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The 53-year-old started for Yokohama FC on Wednesday against Kawasaki. [Read More]
Talks are aimed at expanding ties between Japan and China. The leaders are also expected to discuss Xi's state visit to Japan. [Read More]
With four former ozeki and an incredible ten wrestlers with championship experience still active in the top division, sumo is the very definition of parity... [Read More]
With four days remaining in the 15-day tournament, the two upper-ranked wrestlers are even with a pair of up-and-comers. [Read More]
There is a toxic combination for minorities that translates into higher COVID-19 hospitalization rates than the population at large, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci. [Read More]
Toshimitsu Motegi hopes to emphasize Tokyo's desire to work with the two countries toward a free and open Indo-Pacific region. [Read More]
Talks are aimed at expanding ties between Japan and China. The leaders are also expected to discuss Xi's state visit to Japan. [Read More]
Convenience store sales in Japan fell 5.5 percent in August from a year earlier, marking the sixth straight month of decline, due to fewer customer... [Read More]
The lawyers said the woman suspended her business between mid-April and late May in accordance with business closure requests from the local authorities. [Read More]
Earlier in the day, the BOJ chief agreed with Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga to maintain close communication and coordination in guiding monetary policy. [Read More]
The main strength of the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative for the Palestinians was that it could be presented as an Arab consensus. That is now... [Read More]
The U.N. and the belief in global solidarity that it embodies have never been more essential as the world finds itself in turmoil amid a... [Read More]
Pulling the trigger on such a threat could end up proving that the importance of the world's most populous country as a global buyer may... [Read More]
To avoid such a lockdown scenario aimed at mitigating climate change, the world must overhaul its economic structures and do capitalism differently. [Read More]
and in particular China, which accounts for about half the world's coal consumption - can't break the habit, devastating climate change will be unavoidable. [Read More]
The two are the latest in a string of top government officials and organizers who have recently tried to quell concerns over whether it is... [Read More]
Under the new measures, the agency is also considering providing financial support for those who are released to help them cover basic living costs. [Read More]
Suga said his administration will also seek to update the conventional basic law on information technology during the ordinary Diet session. [Read More]
Although nominated in March, Kenneth Weinstein was only greenlighted by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday. [Read More]
The road ahead remains uncertain as he has not received a nod from Malaysia's king, who could instead choose to call for elections. [Read More]
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