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In about a minute, Barbie Ferreira's Kat shows what it is to be a woman on the internet in the age of toxic positivity. [Read More]
COVIDtests.gov soft-launched today to send four free at-home rapid tests to every household that orders them. It's too little, too late. [Read More]
Here's to hoping this iteration won't portray women's existential purpose as marrying a dork and having his kids. [Read More]
A "Fancy Black Diamond" will be up for bidding by Sotheby's in February, and we're expecting all the rich assholes to come flying out of... [Read More]
Increasingly emboldened MRAsians, or "men's rights Asians," have long targeted Asian women who date non-Asian men as the no. 1 perpetrators of anti-Asian racism... [Read More]
Garfield claimed that Stone "kept on texting" him about the movie and, frankly, we just want to know what else they text about. [Read More]
"You've stooped to a whole new level of LOW," Spears wrote in a Twitter post addressed to her younger sister. [Read More]
Unverified, leaked audio of what seems to be West's newest single contains some fighting words for Kim Kardashian's new squeeze. [Read More]
An anti-abortion group supported by Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett is inviting threats to health providers. [Read More]
The inaction of the officers who didn't help Petito reflects law enforcement's long history of mishandling domestic violence disputes. [Read More]
Plus new songs from Bob Moses, Adele and Morgan St. Jean. [Read More]
The official playlist from Showtime features tracks by artists like Hole, PJ Harvey, and Liz Phair—and includes the show's killer theme song. [Read More]
Jamie Lynn has since responded to say she "can't help that I was born a Spears too," and that she doesn't "want drama." [Read More]
Japanese writer-director Mamoru Hosoda's new animated movie references Beauty and the Beast, and explores a colorful metaverse where pop music unites... [Read More]
By this point should we have unpacked our many suitcases of generational trauma? [Read More]
In a settlement with 39 states, the student loan servicer was forced to forgive the debt of roughly 66,000 students. [Read More]
The second season of Netflix's critically acclaimed show was never prepared for the ugly side of cheerleading. [Read More]
Scott Vaughan said Judge Robert Adrian of Illinois needs to be held accountable for letting his daughter's assailant off the hook. [Read More]
Legal experts like Know Your IX co-founder Alexandra Brodsky are sounding the alarm on successful lawsuits being brought forth by accused men. [Read More]
It's not just Facebook—women and people with vaginas are told all the time, implicitly and explicitly, that our bodies are gross, shameful, and inappropriate. [Read More]
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