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Biden gave his critics a big ol' "fuck em" in a recent podcast. Okay, but is he talking about us? [Read More]
In this particular case, "weirder" comes in the form of a nice, plinky bit of whisper-singing about love lost, using porn as a distraction, and... [Read More]
If the Breville Barista were a person I'd be down on one knee... [Read More]
HBO Max's latest endeavor further proves that the reality dating show formula is dead in the water... [Read More]
Lady Gaga! Adam Driver! Al Pacino! And Jared Leto in a terrible outfit! [Read More]
The Marvel actor is right to sue Disney for breach of contract... [Read More]
Although the lawsuit hasn't been confirmed, a source says Windham-Burke's former landlord did accuse her of engaging in "immoral behavior" [Read More]
92% of domestic care workers are women — and women's participation in the workforce often relies on their labor... [Read More]
Turning Point USA is apparently teaching young people the best tactics in rejecting the covid-19 vaccine... [Read More]
How to have great hair without even trying that hard... [Read More]
In a new interview with the New York Times, Patel talks about the scrutiny that accompanied his breakout role... [Read More]
Whoever is running this long game for J.Lo forgot to give A-Rod his new script... [Read More]
The rapper just can't seem to stop digging himself into a deeper hole... [Read More]
Everyone simply loves to find Candance Cameron Bure's godliness in the wrong... [Read More]
A generation of evangelical women is struggling to navigate the lingering effects of purity culture... [Read More]
Stause went Instagram official with TV boss and man about real estate, Jason Oppenheim... [Read More]
Though I admit Rep. Sean Casten's attempt to make government regulation sound thotty got my attention... [Read More]
The legendary singer and AIDS activist said DaBaby's recent comments fuel "stigma and discrimination." [Read More]
Women athletes like Simone Biles are expected to win to prove their worth. [Read More]
As HGTV focuses more and more on the personalities behind the reno, will audiences keep tuning in? [Read More]
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