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Wannabe dissident and coup cosplayer Jenna Ryan, who notoriously took a private jet to the insurrection, has been stripped of her PayPal account, which she had... [Read More]
What is wrong with y'all? Please stop. [Read More]
Cops performed a wellness check at the home of former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway after her 16-year-old daughter, Claudia, posted a series of videos on... [Read More]
If you are anything like me, you glanced at the Lakynn meme—in which a chipper blonde pregnant woman stands in front of what appears to... [Read More]
Rich influencer children can do whatever they want. I'm not being glib—they are fully-realized adults with the capacity for decision making and reasoning and analysis... [Read More]
Republican congressman Madison Cawthorn, one of the youngest racists to hold elected office is consistently full of absolute shit. Among the many falsehoods reportedly told... [Read More]
Instacart is firing the 10 employees who voted to form the first and only union on the grocery delivery platform at a Mariano's grocery store... [Read More]
Amidst a growing push to decriminalize sex work in New York State, Senate Democrats are planning to propose legislation that would repeal a loitering law... [Read More]
On Tuesday, the Dallas County Commissioners Court voted to prioritize vaccines at one of its distribution centers for individuals in primarily Black and Latinx neighborhoods—a... [Read More]
So apparently there's more to the story of Bachelorette Clare Crawley and her now ex-finacée Dale Moss's recent breakup.... or there isn't. There's a war... [Read More]
QAnon conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted on Thursday that she has filed articles of impeachment against President Biden. That's it. That's all she tweeted from... [Read More]
You win, Virgil Abloh. I've made numerous promises this last year to never speak of you again, and yet here I am, doing exactly that.... [Read More]
Brethren and sistren, today's sermon is about forgiveness. The Book of Mormon says very clearly that the Holy Father asks us to "forgive one another;... [Read More]
Netflix didn't need a convoluted algorithm to figure out that Tiny Pretty Things was going to be my next obsession. The recently released Netflix drama... [Read More]
Imagine: you're back in 2012. Everyone is arguing about this new HBO show Girls and people still use the word "hipster." Capitalizing on the sudden... [Read More]
The glee is palpable when you peruse gaysovercovid, as many have in the past few weeks; its follower count has ballooned in the wake of mass... [Read More]
WASHINGTON, D.C.— Joe Biden's Inauguration Wednesday was a historic occasion, but it was also a moment marked by great tragedy, as Jezebel can exclusively confirm... [Read More]
In a detention letter released today, the federal government revealed details about its investigation into Eric Munchel, the 30-year-old walking "hey authority" meme better known... [Read More]
A mere three days after his inauguration in 2009, then-President Barack Obama signed an executive order overturning the "global gag rule" which bans non-governmental organizations... [Read More]
SCENE: All around her, a sea of MyPillows. Plastic wrap and Bed, Bath, and Beyond receipts litter the floor. She turns over, and the warm... [Read More]
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