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The Markles recently rebranded from Actual Royals to Sussex Royals, having semi-dumped the royal family to seek independent fame and fortune in the New World.... [Read More]
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has enlisted the help of popular Instagram meme accounts to bolster his presidential run. The New York Times... [Read More]
A human being has married Stephen Miller in what does not appear to be an involuntary Princess Bride situation, proving that the rest of us... [Read More]
Michael Bloomberg hopes that voters's lack of media literacy will convince them that his presidential run has Barack Obama's blessing. [Read More]
Amy Klobuchar, riding high on the Klobmentum that Klobucharged her campaign up to third place in the New Hampshire primary, met with Culinary Union members... [Read More]
A new narrative to explain for the decline of Elizabeth Warren's campaign is emerging after her disappointing results in New Hampshire, where she finished... [Read More]
There exists some unspoken rule in bad breakups that the party that did the breaking up comes to regret it, usually long after the spurned... [Read More]
On Monday the Boy Scouts of America is expected to end its ban on gay scouts leaders. The New York Times reports that the decision—one... [Read More]
There is an understanding in the fashion industry that if you leave a team of creatives unattended in a room, you'll inevitably be handed... [Read More]
This is a call for our society to come together and figure out what exactly is going on here, because even though NewNowNext writes that... [Read More]
If my grandmother were around to see some of the looks at this year's BRIT Awards, she would be wondering why Ellie Goulding stole her... [Read More]
It's apparent that where there are people, there is sexual harassment—and unfortunately, sparsely populated regions, such as Antarctica, have proven to be no different. [Read More]
Following a wave of sexual abuse allegations, The Boy Scouts of America filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Delaware Tuesday morning, The Guardian reports.... [Read More]
Michael Bloomberg's making a pretty valiant effort to buy the Democratic presidential nomination, but all that money can't quite quash the many documented misogynistic, racist,... [Read More]
Hello, it's me. I've thought about us for a long, long time—and it's finally real. Adele's fourth album will drop in September, according to Adele. [Read More]
At long last, defender of small government Ted Cruz has come out in support of reproductive freedom, provided that freedom has nothing to do with... [Read More]
Therapist Amie Harwick was fatally attacked Saturday in her Hollywood Hills home and police have arrested ex-boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse on suspicion of murder. The story... [Read More]
Tiffany Boone, who left The Chi in 2018 after alleging harassment by co-star Jason Mitchell, is expanding on her reasons for quitting the show. [Read More]
Stripping is a taxing job for a number of reasons—it's incredibly athletic, and the amount you take home at the end of the night can... [Read More]
Jeff Bezos took a break from flaunting his alleged Instagram friendship with Lizzo on Monday to announce that he's pledging $10 billion to help fight... [Read More]
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