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Austin Schnabel has created and produced a music video on YouTube called Lazy Quarantine. It is set to the music of the song Lazy Sunday... [Read More]
The Arizona Department of Health Services said as of Wednesday morning, 80 people have now died from coronavirus, and there are 2,726 cases in the... [Read More]
According to DES data, the agency received 13,317 SNAP applications last week, which is thousands more than it typically handles. February's weekly average was 8,645... [Read More]
A Phoenix man was shot while confronting three people who allegedly were trying to break into his car this morning. About an hour earlier, another... [Read More]
A man in a wheelchair was seriously hurt after being hit by a car in north Phoenix late Tuesday night. [Read More]
Police say the man was in his house when he heard something outside. [Read More]
Phoenix police are investigating after they say a homeowner shot a suspect who was trying to break into their house early Wednesday morning. [Read More]
Gov. Doug Ducey issues four new executive orders to combat coronavirus including self-quarantine for travelers and tracking use of medical supplies. Two inmates at Arizona... [Read More]
Phoenix police are investigating after they say a homeowner shot a suspect who wast trying to break into their home early Wednesday morning. [Read More]
An 18-year-old Texas woman was arrested Tuesday after she claimed to be "willfully spreading" coronavirus... [Read More]
Like other small business owners across the Valley and the country, when they heard about the Paycheck Protection Program from the federal government, they jumped... [Read More]
Is Arizona already flattening the curve? That is the ultimate goal, and new numbers and study projections are looking much better for Arizona. [Read More]
Lori Vallow's attorney is asking to see all evidence the state plans to use against her in a trial, while the state prosecutor in Idaho... [Read More]
Police are investigating after two women were stabbed in a south Scottsdale neighborhood Tuesday night. [Read More]
A Phoenix pizzeria was having a tough time get financial help from the banks until a customer stepped up. [Read More]
During a shift change at a Scottsdale hospital, police officers and firefighters cheered the health care staff on and gave them a light parade. [Read More]
Phoenix-area small businesses are struggling to get help from the federal government but President Trump said he hopes to put pressure on banks to cooperate. [Read More]
A husband has ALS and his wife is taking care of him and they are having to rely on strangers for survival. [Read More]
In a time where so many places are shut down, truck drivers are finding it harder and harder to get what they need while they're... [Read More]
Two inmates in the Arizona correctional system have tested positive for the coronavirus. [Read More]
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