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United announced that flyers who need to pass a COVID-19 test before boarding the plane for their destination can now easily schedule a test and... [Read More]
The measure, which would purge inconsistent voters from the popular permanent early voting list, passed the Arizona House in a party-line vote. [Read More]
Loved ones gathered to remember a mother and son who died in a wrong-way crash on State Route 87 last week. [Read More]
A windy day with a high near 90° for the Valley. [Read More]
A man is in extremely critical condition after he was pulled from a burning apartment in Phoenix. [Read More]
Northern Arizona may see some wet weather by the end of the week! [Read More]
Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer, was found guilty on all three counts in a trial following the 2020 death of George Floyd. [Read More]
An 18-year-old man was killed in a Phoenix crash just after noon on Tuesday, April 20, says the police department. Three others were injured but... [Read More]
On April 20, Arizona Republicans advanced an election bill that voting rights advocates, Democrats and prominent business leaders say will disenfranchise voters of color. [Read More]
President Joe Biden will pledge to cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions at least in half by 2030 as he convenes a virtual climate summit with... [Read More]
Arizona's governor has vetoed a bill that would change how sex education is taught in schools across the state. [Read More]
Ben Taylor says video showing Derek Chauvin's encounter in 2020 with George Floyd made a difference in Chauvin's ensuing trial. [Read More]
Lawyers with opponents of the voter-approved ballot initiative say the plan, which adds a tax surcharge on the wealthy to fund education, violates state law... [Read More]
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey vetoed legislation that would have made the state's sex education laws some of the strictest in the nation when it comes... [Read More]
Justices on the Arizona State Supreme Court appear to cast doubt on whether proceeds from new taxes collected under Prop 208 can be legally spent... [Read More]
A new financial system is helping the cannabis industry in Arizona with purchases until most financial institutions allow for transactions until the SAFE Banking Act... [Read More]
Political leaders and other organizations in Arizona are speaking out after ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all counts in the 2020... [Read More]
A jury found former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin guilty on all counts in the death of George Floyd. Here are the details on what... [Read More]
Apple is sprucing up its own product line as it prepares next week's rollout of a long-awaited software update could hurt other companies by preventing... [Read More]
By the order of an emergency declaration on April 20, up to 250 Arizona National Guard members will be deployed to the US-Mexico border in... [Read More]
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