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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has changed its rules for competitive players who've been banned for violations of Valve's Anti-Cheat system. Previously, those bans were permanent; now,... [Read More]
Reloading in video games is rarely something you think a lot about. Often it's a moment in time when you're forced to stop shooting. But... [Read More]
By all accounts, Half Life: Alyx is a phenomenal game. But because it's VR-only, large swathes of gamers simply cannot play it due to the... [Read More]
Last year, amid a mismanaged pandemic and sweeping social distancing regulations, the Entertainment Software Association called off its annual E3 event. But the stretch between... [Read More]
In the early hours of March 29, an accidental, cooking-related fire in Westminster, California claimed the life of 63-year-old Reynalda Lynn Nguyen. Her husband, Thao... [Read More]
Buckner & Garcia's hit '80s song "Pac-Man Fever" was a wholesome, catchy tune, but nothing's safe from the climate-wrecking tech scam known as NFTs. Now,... [Read More]
Danish developer IO Interactive announced today that it has opened a third studio in Barcelona, Spain to work alongside its existing locations in Copenhagen, Denmark... [Read More]
Colors mean different things to different people, but very specific colors mean the exact same thing to everybody who plays video games. You know the... [Read More]
This weekend is for baseball. You can do other things if you want. Seems like good gardening weather? Maybe take the kids someplace where there... [Read More]
If you're looking at pretty anime people in anything less than 4K resolution, are you really looking at them? Genshin Impact's native PlayStation 5 version... [Read More]
Late last year, a storm at sea caused a shipping boat to lose a bunch of its cargo, possibly including rare figures of Dragon Ball... [Read More]
Joining the likes of other geeky sake comes a line of Ghost in the Shell-themed stuff. Kanpai! [Read More]
There was an unconfirmed report that multiple buyers were looking at acquiring Square Enix. This evening in Japan, the Tokyo-based game maker released a statement... [Read More]
The Japanese media is reporting that a professional stripper has been arrested for stripping at a strip club in Tokyo. [Read More]
Towards the end of the Resident Evil showcase, Capcom finally released a full-on trailer for the upcoming Netflix show Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. [Read More]
As part of Backlog month, I wanted to reach deep into the collection and talk about one of the greatest video games of all time,... [Read More]
Capcom held a special Resident Evil showcase to share some information about the upcoming Resident Evil Village, which is scheduled to release for just about... [Read More]
Today on Twitter, Mac Walters, project director of Mass Effect Legendary Edition confirmed that the remaster will have a photo mode. [Read More]
It's no secret that Twitch has a problem with viewbots, which are fake viewers that artificially inflate streamers' numbers. They've been part of the ecosystem... [Read More]
Outriders is a game about balance, but it's not always finely balanced. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the game's revive mechanic, which is... [Read More]
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