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DEAR READERS: What's the old Hollywood actor's creed? Never work with children or animals? Let's work with our animals, namely dogs, and photograph them! [Read More]
There is no debate about this statistic: Florida is the most popular state for the Affordable Care Act.With 1.9 million Floridians signing up for... [Read More]
On June 23, The Ledger published a letter from Jim Posmer ["For some, death was a chance to call for anarchy"]. In it, he wondered... [Read More]
We never hear about Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and other Founding Fathers of our country who scolded King George III, for allowing slaves to be... [Read More]
All I can say to Mary Ann DeLoach is three words: vote them out! ["Lakeland's new dilemma: To mask or not to mask," June 24.]Trouble... [Read More]
With some level of astonishment, I continue to watch our governor do his lap dog act with our president, Donald Trump. I wish I were... [Read More]
The numbers in Florida continue to trend upwards for coronavirus infections, hospitalizations and deaths. The state's Department of Health reported another 10,360 cases Saturday... [Read More]
Hockey became the latest sport to finalize a return during a global pandemic after NHL owners and players approved an agreement Friday to resume the... [Read More]
The Kentucky Speedway winners' club is exclusive - just five drivers have combined to win the first nine NASCAR Cup races.All... [Read More]
The numbers in Florida continue to trend upwards for coronavirus infections, hospitalizations and deaths.The state's Department of Health reported another 10,360 cases Saturday – the... [Read More]
Local high school students Jonathon Walker and Alex Johnson have been developing a device that turns text into braille for some time and now they're... [Read More]
It seemed like a good idea at the time. But that was then, several weeks ago, before we became a hot spot.Now the National Basketball... [Read More]
Authorities say Kent Hickman, 32, took tens of thousands from the Brandon store by telling the manager he was holding two employees hostage. He was... [Read More]
Mulberry nurse spent most of three weeks in bed and still hasn't fully recovered from COVID-19, which she thinks she contracted from a patient... [Read More]
Roy Tyler is scheduled to be sworn in to a new four-year term on the Haines City Commission following Judge Steven Selph's ruling on Friday... [Read More]
In the past six months or so, some local officials have been raising questions about whether the way the effort is proceeding is in their... [Read More]
Welcome to Florida Time, a weekly column about Florida history: from the Civil Rights Movement to the failed assassination of FDR, Civil Rights Act and... [Read More]
Auburndale man shares story of nearly dying from COVID-19 and enduring lingering effects as warning to others to take pandemic as serious threat... [Read More]
DEAR MISS MANNERS: Please help! We sent out 220 wedding invitations; got back 175 yeses; then the wedding venue in San Francisco shut down in... [Read More]
DEAR HELOISE: My sister's house burned to the ground and she lost everything. She said she wished she had time to get her photo albums... [Read More]
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