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They're not fond of it. [Read More]
The biggest laughs in Washington must be had in the White House, as staffers must shake their heads every day because they are somehow managing... [Read More]
It's a bad week to be a liberal. First the Supreme Court upholds the Second Amendment and then it kills Roe. Poor things. They beat... [Read More]
With Friday's ruling overturning Roe the left will get even more violent than before. Religious people will get the brunt of it. Cardinal Timothy Dolan... [Read More]
It don't make a difference is she's black or white, a girl or a dude, or from California or Mars. Kamala Harris sucks at her... [Read More]
"I mean, you can't make this stuff up. And so we're not going to stop...It's not over. It hasn't even begun." [Read More]
Even before Joe Biden supposedly won the 2020 election, the Democrats and America watched as he fumbled his speeches, stumbled around the podium, and... [Read More]
Back in February, Republican Representative Liz Cheney, who has been viciously critical of former President Donald Trump, reassured news outlets that she... [Read More]
Back in 2019, former Empire actor Jussie Smollett sat down with Robin Roberts on "Good Morning America'' to recall what he labeled a hate crime... [Read More]
Is there anything she can do? [Read More]
Typical intolerant leftists... [Read More]
DUI causing injury is a misdemeanor? [Read More]
Get ready to watch cities burn again. [Read More]
Imagine trying to use Bill Clinton as a character witness... [Read More]
"Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer are united in their fear of populism and in their gut level loathing of the American public." [Read More]
If Biden gets dumped by Democrats you would think they would automatically support his vice president, Kamala Harris. But her performance has been so bad,... [Read More]
The American people are hurting. High gas prices, inflation, a border crisis, involved in a big war, corruption, pedos in power, the Deep State, and... [Read More]
If baby killer fans keep up trying to scare women who don't want to kill their infants then they might get a reception they won't... [Read More]
Tuesday election results mean Republicans will turn out big time in the fall. Republican leader David Bossie has his say on this. [Read More]
Supposedly hoping to help Americans who are currently struggling with soaring gas prices and inflation, President Joe Biden urged for a federal gas tax... [Read More]
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