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"He's not a doctor; he's not a virologist. He's not even a college graduate." [Read More]
Tonight's Opening Verse: Psalm 53 The fool says in his heart, "There is no God." They are corrupt, doing abominable iniquity;... [Read More]
Joe Biden continued to extend the COVID national emergency declaration simply to force Americans to live under extreme measures that deprive us of our freedoms. [Read More]
"...other charges can be brought against Pfizer." [Read More]
"Why are they giving nine and 12-year-olds consent lessons in a sexual context, this is what's alarming about what YouTube Kids is doing." [Read More]
Mike Rowe is an under-appreciated American treasure. [Read More]
"Pharma was the driver of the apocalypse the last two years." [Read More]
"The long nightmare for the donors, supporters and employees of America's Frontline Doctors is coming to an end..." [Read More]
This is coming from a man who once said the budget will "balance itself" [Read More]
"Before I read the headline, I just want to say, do not take medical advice from podcasters." [Read More]
There's no doubt about it. Joe Biden has been trafficking classified, sensitive and secret information in bulk and for a very long time... [Read More]
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