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Suddenly a travel ban is "necessary," when it was racist just under two years ago when Trump did it? [Read More]
This sure makes a lot of sense... [Read More]
New variant? What new variant? [Read More]
Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is showing once again that he is one of the biggest RINOs in Congress by becoming Joe Biden's go-to ally when... [Read More]
HBO Max, which is a subscription-based streaming service akin to Netflix, is debuting a new animated Christmas comedy movie – clearly aimed for adult... [Read More]
They're not fooling anyone with an IQ above room temperature... [Read More]
Are we still supposed to trust the data? Asking for millions of Americans. [Read More]
According to reports, the Round Rock Independent School District in Texas is arresting parents at their homes who dare to speak out against the school... [Read More]
A teen suspected to be aged between 14 and 16-years-old reportedly punched a 39-year-old woman in late October, after police say the woman had told... [Read More]
We need him on the ballot in 2024. [Read More]
She tried to pull a coup... [Read More]
People on the frontlines don't seem to be as afraid as Big Media wants you to be. [Read More]
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, who is in the midst of building a case to take to the Supreme Court regarding the 2020 election, says that... [Read More]
Not 'anti-vaxxers' but pro personal choice... [Read More]
Listen to this Big Media storyline. Pure insanity. [Read More]
Good... midterms are coming... [Read More]
Coincidental timing? [Read More]
Pandemic of the jabbed? [Read More]
Reports are surfacing of at least three people being shot during an incident at The Streets at Southpoint Mall in Durham on November 26th. Officials... [Read More]
The newly-discovered omicron variant of COVID-19 is said to be a heavily-mutated version of the virus. The CEO of Pfizer is now speaking out to... [Read More]
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