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Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has reportedly been briefed by United States officials that Russia is trying to interfere with the election in order... [Read More]
Liz Warren asked Mike Bloomberg at the Nevada debate on Wednesday if he would release any former female employees from their non-disclosure agreements. [Read More]
Top White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow spoke out on Friday to respond to Barack Obama's tweet from earlier in the week in which the... [Read More]
Liberals like Omar love accusing anyone who publicly disagrees with them of being "racist." [Read More]
The nose knows. [Read More]
Hollywood, New York media, and the #Metoo movement have been rocked by reports that jurors in the high profile trial of former Hollywood film mogul... [Read More]
Can you imagine the television and online spot on Trump justice reform? Gawd, to write and direct that baby... [Read More]
The exterior's seeming glee masked the breakdown within. [Read More]
Here we go again! [Read More]
But the president is doing something much more valuable at those events than cheerleading or cracking jokes. He's doing what any good leader does. He's... [Read More]
If you think that President Trump can sometimes go a little far in some of his statements, the man is the soul of discretion compared... [Read More]
The once-respected publication has ruined all their credibility. [Read More]
The Great PURGE is coming! [Read More]
This sounds like a massive scandal that could have Obama's fingerprints all over it. [Read More]
One thing is for certain, Meghan's family is not a fan of her. Meghan's estranged father and sister don't have many good things to say... [Read More]
When it comes to "cheating" one person who should keep her yap shut is former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile. [Read More]
A perfect pad for a couple who have ditched the "dowdy royals" and are now looking to hobnob with the plastic Hollywood elites. [Read More]
If Collins took it that would get him out of the way in Georgia and make everyone happy. [Read More]
Even Hillary chimes in; oh, the irony! [Read More]
A royal pain in the... [Read More]
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