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Former White House doctor Ronny Jackson predicts President Biden will either be pressured to resign or he'll be removed via the 25th Amendment. [Read More]
Following the news of at least six members of the fully vaccinated Texas delegation testing positive for COVID-19, there have also been similar reports... [Read More]
The MLB team formerly known as the Cleveland Indians released news on their name change from "Indians" to "Guardians" on Friday. [Read More]
Valerie Jarrett, a former advisor to Barack Obama, went on MSNBC on Friday to call for COVID-19 vaccine mandates. "I'm all for mandating it," Jarrett... [Read More]
The ABC talk show "The View" went off the rails once again on Friday when the cohosts of the show got into a massive fight... [Read More]
Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany urged Fox News viewers to get the COVID-19 vaccine, saying that she trusts the vaccine development... [Read More]
Joy Behar initially seemed to be happy earlier this month when her conservative nemesis Meghan McCain announced that she was leaving their ABC talk show... [Read More]
Do you want lead with your fries? [Read More]
Can it be stopped? [Read More]
In more places than River City. [Read More]
In what was already a disastrous appearance for Joe Biden at CNN's Town Hall event, the president further confused Americans when he uttered this... [Read More]
Dem. State Senator Joseph Cervantes was denied communion in the Las Cruces Diocese for his vote to protect abortion access in the state. [Read More]
Gov. Kay Ivey of Alabama had some harsh words for the state's "unvaccinated citizens," blaming them for the surge in Covid-19 cases. In response to... [Read More]
This is becoming a real nightmare for Governor Fancy Hair... [Read More]
Journo says he knows why Fox News is suddenly pushing the vax... [Read More]
The ongoing spat between Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has reached new levels. Earlier this week Pelosi rejected both... [Read More]
According to an OH Insights poll released on Monday, the majority of Arizona Republicans believe the Arizona State Senate's forensic election audit of... [Read More]
MSNBC host Donny Deutsch came unglued on Friday morning as he lashed out at those who are skeptical of the COVID-19 vaccine. While appearing on... [Read More]
Nancy Pelosi, in an attempt to make the January 6 select committee appear more bipartisan, is considering adding rabid anti-Trump Republican Adam Kinzinger to the... [Read More]
The U.S. military is in mourning this week after two American soldiers were killed in a car crash in El Paso, Texas. The Army Times... [Read More]
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