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Meet new people and have important conversations. [Read More]
Earlier this week, I created a post I thought would create a space and a moment for black people to state exactly what they... [Read More]
When you experience a problem with an Amazon order and need to make a return or request a refund, you probably turn to the site's... [Read More]
On Wednesday, for the first time since March 12, NYC reported no new deaths from COVID-19. To put that number into perspective, during the peak... [Read More]
Protests get shit done. If you celebrate Independence Day, Pride or Martin Luther King Day, you know that public demonstrations, even riots, have forced change... [Read More]
Abolishing the police—or at the very least, significantly defunding them, to the point they are only a minimal presence in our communities—might sound like a... [Read More]
Earlier this week, I made a jar of pickled cherries, and I found them to be pleasing. They are good on cheese plates and they... [Read More]
Android: If you're in a situation where you need to fire off a quick message to a friend or loved one because shit is about... [Read More]
iOS: It's easy to find guides on blurring or removing photo backgrounds online, but almost all of them require a desktop and image editing software.... [Read More]
Stay safe. Be careful. Know your rights. [Read More]
Even if your gym is reopening, it's still safest to stay home when you can, so we're going to dedicate this month to DIY workout... [Read More]
You've got the time, and it will save others a lot of work—and maybe save some of your stuff from winding up in a landfill. [Read More]
The CARES Act has given you more control over what you can do with the money in—and coming out of—your retirement funds. [Read More]
I make a cocktail every Friday morning, not because I need one, but because my job demands it. (I live on the west coast you... [Read More]
Encouraging signs, yes—but we've still got a long way to go. [Read More]
Who needs Netflix? We've highlight more than a dozen places online where you can legally stream or even download free films, TV shows and more. [Read More]
Black art matters. [Read More]
As a lifelong New Yorker, I know what the perfect bagel is. (It's an everything bagel.) I know how it should be prepared. (Lightly toasted,... [Read More]
I love a good scavenger hunt—just not when the object of the search is "photos I wanted to keep on my device forever, but that... [Read More]
Looking for something to watch tonight? Every afternoon we're hunting down and highlighting the best viewing options around. [Read More]
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