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Peter Lash scored 23 points and Lincoln East graduate Connor Riekenberg added 22 to lead the Nebraska Wesleyan men's basketball team to a 112-104 victory... [Read More]
The Huskers were forced into a series of one-day preparations for each of the past three opponents. Heading into Sunday, it feels a little more... [Read More]
Pokey Black, who hails from Lake Charles, Louisiana, opened Taste of Louisiana in June 2020 after noting a dearth of Cajun cuisine in Lincoln. [Read More]
Iowa's Henry Marchese saw the need for a big play, and he made it, and Kyler Fisher cashed it in as the Hawkeyes beat Nebraska... [Read More]
Nebraska's continued insistence on shooting off its own feet eventually won out over Smothers' attempts to write history vs. Iowa on Friday. [Read More]
The start was encouraging, but, in the end, the Huskers' chances of winning a Big Ten title this season took a major hit. [Read More]
The basket probably looked as large as the nearby Pacific Ocean for Jaz Shelley on Friday. [Read More]
Facebook ... [Read More]
Steven M. Sipple weighs in with his report card from the Huskers' game against Iowa. [Read More]
Friday was not the day to talk about staffing, Scott Frost said after the game. But everyone else was, particularly in relation to special teams. [Read More]
Your turn to grade the Huskers' performance against Iowa on Friday. [Read More]
The Huskers had Iowa on the ropes, but the Hawkeyes roar back from a 15-point deficit to win their seventh straight in the head-to-head series. [Read More]
The 2021 Nebraska football season has so many statistics that defy logic, it's difficult to decide which is the most incredible. [Read More]
Chris Basnett takes a closer look at the Nebraska men's basketball team's matchup against South Dakota on Saturday. [Read More]
Caden Houghtelling was an eight-man football menace. But when he got to college, he faced a harsh reality: "You're nothing special." [Read More]
Can the Huskers end their campaign on a high note? Follow the action from Memorial Stadium with us. [Read More]
Steven M. Sipple and Parker Gabriel deliver three keys to a Nebraska victory against Iowa on Friday at Memorial Stadium. [Read More]
It's shaping up to be a beautiful Black Friday at Memorial Stadium for Nebraska's season finale against Iowa. [Read More]
"She's very passionate about these equity groups and making a difference for the peers around her. She is much more of a silent listener, taking-it-all-in... [Read More]
Students could be required to log in to an online class or watch a recorded lecture from home if inclement weather closes UNL's campus. [Read More]
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