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Budget (including currency): $2000 NZD or reluctantly $3000 NZD Country: NZ Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: workstation, Ableton live 11... [Read More]
Newbie on photography , Watching LTT reviewing cameras reminds me of some old type of pocket camera. Anyone still using pocket camera for convenient ?... [Read More]
When gaming my GPU's usage doesnt go above 65% while the CPU's usage stays around the 40-50% range, doesnt matter what game I'm playing (Escape... [Read More]
EK just released a direct die cooler for LGA 1700 CPUs. Will we finally be able to tame the i9-13900K, and will it survive the... [Read More]
Budget (including currency): Php 85,000 or $1,520 Country: Philippines Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Mostly for gaming but also for... [Read More]
So I'm trying to format multiple cells in excel to add text in front of the date. I cannot figure it out for the life... [Read More]
Installing an OS through USB 2.0 is… Indescribably slow i thought it froze several times until this point but it's still going somewhow... [Read More]
I recently installed the coolermaster masterliquid ml240l rgb v2 and it came with what I believe is a small RGB hub, which I plugged into... [Read More]
I've been using my i5-13400f for renders that would take upwards of 20 hours and the temps would routinely get to 100 degrees Celsius with... [Read More]
I already tried search for the solution for this since it's already annoying me, it's all start when i run memory diagnostic test. [Read More]
I was just toying around with Bing Chat, and asked it which CPU would be best for Gaming, CAD, 3D Modeling, Video editing, and Photo... [Read More]
So last night my pc was working fine but I couldn't turn it on this morning. I clicked on the power button and it cycled... [Read More]
I only just realized I could shift the bit holder into alternating columns to prevent the bits from dislodging. Gives me room for another 6... [Read More]
i got my MX500 (500GB) (M3CR045 firmware) on 15/3/23 and connected to the PC via USB - it's not detected by 'My Computer' but detected... [Read More]
Greetings!! Recently i purchased two B550 boards, the MSI Tomahawk and Gigabyte Gaming X V2, one for me one for family member. Tomahawk https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/MAG-B550-TOMAHAWK/Overview Gaming... [Read More]
My external drive has gone into "Caution" based on CrystalDisk and its Reallocation Sector count has reached 100, from the threshold of 36. I have... [Read More]
Who else's Girlfriend here would react this way to a random cherry picker picture in the morning? [Read More]
Do i need better rams for this pc, beaucase i don t get my max fps? and alot fps drops. [Read More]
Hello. I noticed that my GPU(Asus Phoenix 1650) and CPU(Ryzen 5 3400G) started getting high temps lately(Had them since Feb 2020). I'm thinking that I... [Read More]
Love it when someone opens a thread asking for troubleshooting, then they say they solved it (e.g. "nvm, solved it"), but doesn't say how they... [Read More]
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