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I haven't been able to find reliable information of older/lower end cards benefit from rebar... [Read More]
Hey LTT, You talk about a number of modern games when you're testing your various builds. Sometimes you go back to an older game. Try... [Read More]
Hello I just saw the new arc video and thought about getting one for my homebuilt nas running unraid with a plex docker and maybe... [Read More]
Linus managed to make the news in Finland after the WAN-show discussion about the Oura-ring misspelling. The article is basically saying Oura messed up with... [Read More]
This thread just made it across my TL and I think it's worth sharing here. I hope it gets enough attention to get a meaningful... [Read More]
Hmm which A770 to go with. I wonder what the board partner cards will be priced like. [Read More]
HELLO! I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for file transform and directory comparison programs. Right now we are using FileZilla and we might... [Read More]
So im having a major issue and i think the motherboard is dying but I want to make sure, to start pc specs are Msi... [Read More]
I have had this 1650 from galax for like 3 years now and i upgraded my whole pc and just kept it since i didnt... [Read More]
so i have been suffering through the last decade with a prebuilt pc and have been saving to build my own pc. i have had... [Read More]
So I recently built a pc, everything went well until I turned on the PC and the fans were moving, but nothing appeared on the... [Read More]
so.. i've been calculating what level of AMD epyc CPU makes the most sense price/performance wise when factoring the cost of the entire build. here's... [Read More]
About a year ago I got a new CPU and motherboard, along with a new M.2 SSD. I tried to transfer windows from the HDD... [Read More]
So i downloaded hardware info and saw that my ram was only going at 1800 MHz still even though i thought changed it to 3600... [Read More]
hi folks, me again, i was trying to get help earlier today on why my wd2tb kept disconnecting, and i reseated the sata cables and... [Read More]
I saw a benchmark using RT that compared Intel, Nvidia, and AMD But is the quality of RT lighting the same? My understanding is that... [Read More]
Hey folks, So recently i upgraded my gaming machine -New Motherboard -More Storage -New case -New PSU And after everything was installed and running smoothly... [Read More]
Budget (including currency): $1200-1500 Country: USA Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: COD: MWII, GTA 5, Valorant, Adobe premeir, Davinci Resolve,... [Read More]
Do this new smart app control even worth fresh Windows 11 instal ? So sad but that is only one way enabled it I don't... [Read More]
Budget (including currency): 20 000 NOK / USD 1 885,53 / CAD 2 574,08 Country: Norway Games, programs or workloads that it will be used... [Read More]
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