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That's great, but WTF is sNEWSi?
I'm sorry what? I barely touch a speedbump and my window rolls back down just in case, how did this not get caught in testing? [Read More]
Hi all, I'm trying to reduce the amount of paper used at my place of work as we still live in the dark ages and... [Read More]
I would assume both drivers can coexist together, unless the Nvidia driver has some artificial restriction. [Read More]
Hello everyone, Finally deciding to post about this as I have hit my wits end. In desperate need of either a sanity check or outside... [Read More]
I have 3 Windows 11 PCs, all up to date with Windows updates and store updates, all share pretty much the same settings. The Windows... [Read More]
Does anyone know how to set Google Chrome to only use metric units and the 24 hour clock while keeping the system language english? Thanks. [Read More]
I recently upgraded my old 1060 3gb to a RX 6700XT and was thinking about using the 1060 as a discrete nvenc encoder for OBS.... [Read More]
Within the past few years I converted an old tower I had to a NAS. I repurposed a i7 4770k and a 600w Corsair power... [Read More]
Hi all, I'm trying to reduce the amount of paper used at my place of work as we still live in the dark ages and... [Read More]
Budget (including currency): ~800€ preferably, DEFINITELY not more than 1000€ Country: Greece Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: from LoL and... [Read More]
My Motherboard the has a "Thunderbolt" header, what products use this feature? Would I have any interests in using it. I've looked it up but... [Read More]
Has anyone experimented with creating a custom exhaust for the second fan on the RTX3090Ti FE ? My build consist of the following: Jonsbo UMX6... [Read More]
I have a GTX 970 and it turns on and off my computer then boots into the recovery screen. This only happens when I have... [Read More]
I have recently upgraded my Cpu and cooler because my previous issue was over heating cpu so i upgrade both and now when launching games... [Read More]
is it possible to transfer data from ps4 to pc as I have a lot of storymode games on it or is there a way... [Read More]
@Dabombinable finally got around to tweaking the APM on my ATA IV. It was set by default to 128 for some reason. At 254, it's... [Read More]
As you can in the first SS everything is fine. But as soon as I increase the size of the texts above 12, the alignments... [Read More]
Hello, I've been having an issue with my computer over the last couple months. It's been so few and far between that I haven't been... [Read More]
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