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Conspiracy theories are nothing new, but the way these theories evolve and spread is changing. Take QAnon, for example. QAnon is a series of mostly... [Read More]
Since YouTube was founded (15 years ago, yes we are that old), it has been known as an experimental space. YouTubers are just people that... [Read More]
In terms of pure comedy, nothing is funnier than a person falling down. Cruel as it sounds, this violent, often chaotic disruption of routine, has... [Read More]
Looking back upon the heyday of the newspaper industry, images of angry cigar-smoking editors, journalists with fedoras carrying "press" cards and sharpened pencils, and little... [Read More]
We all have fears, right? They range from the subtler things like a fear of spiders (arachnophobia) to the more serious fear of people (sociophobia).... [Read More]
These days it seems that just as one disease outbreak is contained, the next one hits. These outbreaks tend to cause wide-scale panic and disruptions... [Read More]
The moment you hit that "Place Your Order" button, a chain reaction sparks, sending a team of warehouse workers and delivery drivers into the frenzy... [Read More]
Art is a difficult profession. You can spend decades learning the skills of drawing, draftsmanship, and composition. Still, you will be no good if you... [Read More]
In the US, voting makes it possible for ordinary citizens to decide who will lead and represent them in their government. As such, it's one... [Read More]
Most of us believe that the idea of zombies should be confined to the horror section of our preferred movie providers. However, such an idea... [Read More]
Nobody conforms 100 percent to their social group. But a blanket view can cover the pack's traits in broad strokes. The "rich people" blanket comes... [Read More]
Police work is hard. No doubt, spending most of your days dealing with difficult, sad or downright dangerous situations is no walk in the park.... [Read More]
Statues and paintings of Jesus can get predictable. They stare, pray, suffer on the cross, or rest in a manger. Upon closer inspection, some have... [Read More]
Alcohol, as Homer Simpson famously said, is the cause of and solution to all of man's problems. Humans have been quaffing back alcohol for thousands... [Read More]
Winston Groom's Forrest Gump had a remarkable knack of being at the right place, at the right time, multiples times. By sheer luck, if one... [Read More]
Science progresses by theory and experimentation. When an experiment requires a human subject there are two main options for the investigator. By far the... [Read More]
After your death, your social engagements tend to dry up somewhat. Your death also depresses those you leave behind. So if you want to solve... [Read More]
Intelligence is one of those hard-to-define qualities, which fall into the category of 'things you know when you see.' Fortunately, many... [Read More]
Over the famous Greek temple at Delphi was inscribed the motto, 'Know thyself'. But according to Ben Franklin, this is easier said than... [Read More]
History can be exciting with tales of big battles and heroes and adventure, or it can be dull when reduced to simple dates and dry... [Read More]
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