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The Government "wants to support foreign holidays", a Cabinet minister has said, ahead of the anticipated travel list update today. [Read More]
Plus: Read George Eustice's exclusive article on 'a new chapter' for England's national parks... [Read More]
A series of stringent restrictions in the wake of record-high Covid infections have made inoculations nearly unavoidable... [Read More]
Listen to columnists Allison Pearson and Liam Halligan, and this week's guest, biologist Dr Emma Hilton, on The Telegraph's weekly podcast... [Read More]
Damning review by spending watchdog reveals massive delays to arms programmes leaving Britain undefended and resulting in spiralling costs... [Read More]
Good morning. [Read More]
Capping the amount that savers can amass without taxation penalty is driving a potential NHS staff crisis... [Read More]
Plus: Buckingham Palace admits it is failing to improve diversity in the wake of the Sussexes' racism allegations... [Read More]
Residency difficulties appear to have been caused by local bureaucracy rather than a general EU edict but it is up to Brussels to end them... [Read More]
The incident in the Black Sea reveals Russia's fixation on the UK as the strongest European security link... [Read More]
Latest figures show a 40 per cent rise in under 17s being prescribed drugs as overwhelmed NHS struggles to cope with mental health crisis... [Read More]
NHS workers are being abused in Covid vaccination clinics by people who are refusing the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine due to fears of side effects, it has... [Read More]
The total value of the Crown Estate portfolio jumped by 7.5pc to £14.4bn in the year to March 31, boosted by offshore wind projects... [Read More]
Trouble looms for Masayoshi Son's Softbank following a string of bad bets and the spectre of rising inflation... [Read More]
Competition between lenders means they are looking beyond headline rates to make a profit... [Read More]
Aegon's closure of its £380m property fund follows the same move by Aviva last month... [Read More]
The average inheritance is £11,000, but this could be lost to unforeseen expenses... [Read More]
Smaller firms and private banks are not offering the same compensation as major lenders... [Read More]
MPs on Treasury Select Committee find Financial Conduct Authority failed to learn lessons from past mistakes and had lax boardroom standards... [Read More]
Sixty years after making the Disney hit, the 1960s' most bankable child star has mixed emotions about her treatment in her early career... [Read More]
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