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He's one of six dogs taking part in a world-leading project to try and slow the spread of coronavirus... [Read More]
The four-time winner at Flushing Meadows does not want to travel to the United States for the event, which begins on Aug 31... [Read More]
Failure to introduce quarantine at the start of the coronavirus outbreak led to 10,000 infected people entering the UK, accelerating the spread of disease, an... [Read More]
Parks, cruises and movie studios all suffer during height of coronavirus pandemic... [Read More]
In June, the 26-year-old told Telegraph Sport she was at high risk of contracting coronavirus and was shielding due to a kidney complaint... [Read More]
As fears grow over a winter spike in coronavirus cases, meet the families who are making sure they're ahead of the curve... [Read More]
Care homes, factories, offices and even private homes could be bulldozed as last resort if virus starts to run out of control... [Read More]
Local authorities in areas in partial lockdown sending staff out to approach people over worries national programme is not working... [Read More]
US president was given the toughest grilling since the coronavirus outbreak and seemed to flounder when questioned about death toll... [Read More]
The Caribbean is bracing itself for the double whammy of a bumper hurricane season and ongoing efforts to keep coronavirus under control.  Aid agencies warned... [Read More]
Woe betide Europe's banks if there is a second wave of the coronavirus... [Read More]
The hotel quarantine system has come under renewed scrutiny, as have government employment policies... [Read More]
Oestrogen plays crucial role in protecting against Covid-19, according to analysis of more than half a million women... [Read More]
There is undoubtedly a long line for those with a bone to pick with the Government over its coronavirus travel advice. From the Spanish tourist... [Read More]
The coronavirus pandemic has had a big impact on the transfer market but the fact remains that for free agents, the salary is all important... [Read More]
Schools will reopen "in full" this autumn, a minister has said, despite a Lancet study warning that it could result in a second coronavirus wave... [Read More]
Immediate Government support for the embattled automotive sector is needed as the industry struggles with the coronavirus pandemic... [Read More]
Countries should continue with the 'basics' of public health to bring the pandemic to an end, said Dr Tedros... [Read More]
Reopening schools without an improvement in test and trace could result in a second coronavirus wave more than twice the size of the first, a... [Read More]
Coronavirus has 'fractured' the workplace with resentment growing against those who have been on furlough or who are working from home... [Read More]
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