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Democrats intent on unseating Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, want to make the Senate impeachment trial as much an indictment of her as it is of... [Read More]
"There is no doubt that there are going to be Mainers unhappy with me no matter what conclusion I reach." [Read More]
Planned Parenthood Action Fund has endorsed the Democrat challenging Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) in her closely watched reelection race. [Read More]
PPNNE said Senator Collins "has abandoned not only the people of Maine, but women across the country." [Read More]
All eyes remain on Sen. Susan Collins as the trial for President Trump formally gets underway. [Read More]
Demand Justice will deploy a new digital ad campaign against Sen. Susan Collins that is geared toward Maine moderates who support abortion rights. [Read More]
Republican Sen. Susan Collins is back in the national spotlight to see how she will weigh in on the impeachment trial of President Trump. [Read More]
Planned Parenthood announced Tuesday that it is endorsing a Democratic challenger to Republican Sen. Susan Collins in Maine, saying Collins "turned her back" on women. [Read More]
Planned Parenthood announced Tuesday that it is endorsing a Democratic challenger to Republican Sen. Susan Collins in Maine, saying Collins "turned her back" on women... [Read More]
If Sen. Susan Collins uses temperament as one criterion to measure judicial nominees, as she stated in your Jan. 12 article, she wouldn't have voted... [Read More]
Welcome to another edition of Boos and Bravos, the catchall column of Here's Something. Bravo to Sen. Susan Collins for demonstrating true stateswoman-like demeanor in... [Read More]
Taking pharmaceutical money, it turns out, does not make U.S. Sen. Susan Collins or her opponents unique. [Read More]
Campaign contributions from the pharmaceutical industry to U.S. Sen. Susan Collins have become a main talking point for opponents of her 2020 re-election campaign. But... [Read More]
U.S. Sen. Susan Collins released this statement Thursday on the impeachment trial process: There has been a lot of mischaracterization and misunderstanding about my position... [Read More]
Unless some Republicans break ranks, this won't be a trial – it will be a cover-up. [Read More]
If Donald Trump is not removed from office, it is important that we do not permanently lower standards of respect for the Constitution and rule... [Read More]
Facing perhaps her toughest reelection fight, veteran Sen. Susan Collins has parachuted into familiar terrain — the heart of a hot-button issue, this time President... [Read More]
With Senate trial proceedings starting Tuesday, the moderate Maine Republican says she'll probably support a motion to call witnesses, aligning herself with Democrats. [Read More]
Two U.S. senators want the federal government to implement new measures to protect people from tick-borne diseases as soon as possible. Republican Sen.... [Read More]
Sara Gideon, the Democratic challenger to Sen. Susan Collins (R., Maine), vows to combat lobbyists in a newly released campaign finance reform plan, but her... [Read More]
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