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Or maybe he just really loves dental hygiene? [Read More]
Here are a few notes related to yesterday's post about the (non) decline of democracy. It should be possible to view something as appalling without... [Read More]
Here are the facts. [Read More]
Infrastructure and the virus! [Read More]
Here's the coronavirus death toll through October 23. The raw data from Johns Hopkins is here. It's just dismal creating these charts lately. The second... [Read More]
In the Washington Post today, Michelle Singletary writes about the history of redlining and how it has destroyed the value of houses in Black neighborhoods.... [Read More]
GOP efforts to make it harder to vote have motivated Democrats to cast ballots in record numbers. [Read More]
Maybe you do. But I bet you don't. [Read More]
The Justice Department's inspector general won't say. [Read More]
Here is Hopper heading over to our neighbor's house and then suddenly changing her mind. Was it because she heard my camera? Or just because... [Read More]
It all comes down to this. [Read More]
I've long been in basic agreement with Ezra Klein on nearly everything. We just think the same way. But I'm not on board with this,... [Read More]
The Wall Street Journal offers some sage advice today: For investors worried about how the stock market will fare in the event of a divided... [Read More]
Survivors and moms face off with local sheriffs and open-carry activists over Colorado's new "red flag" law. [Read More]
Here's the coronavirus death toll through October 22. The raw data from Johns Hopkins is here. [Read More]
The Federalist Society has turned many mediocre men into judges—and a few smart moms. [Read More]
"I think they want truth. I think they want justice." [Read More]
The moderator asked a pointed question about "The Talk." [Read More]
Some things can't be dialed back. [Read More]
The president still has no defense for the shame of family separation. [Read More]
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