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The Georgia GOP senate nominee denies the story which first appeared in The Daily Beast. NPR has not confirmed the story. On the campaign trail,... [Read More]
The woman who died in police custody setting off protests across Iran was Kurdish, and her case highlights the second-class status of nearly 10% of... [Read More]
Bronzeville, a neighborhood of Chicago, was the epicenter of a Black renaissance before it fell on hard times. Now, it's booming again. Here's the story... [Read More]
Silverberg hosts a museum with more than 3,000 bags on display. It's virtual, so you can't collect a bag while traveling there. He's part of... [Read More]
Bella Hadid walked out in underwear and waited on the runway while her dress was applied. Ten minutes later, she was wearing a dress made... [Read More]
Testimony begins in the seditious conspiracy trial against the Oath Keepers, Would Putin take the risk of using nuclear weapons in Ukraine? And North Korea... [Read More]
President Ebrahim Raisi said Iran had "shortcomings" but said the unrest sparked last month by the death of a woman in the custody of the... [Read More]
Recorded with Claus Ogerman, Natureza could have made the Brazilian singer-songwriter an international star. Now released, the long lost album captures a turning point in... [Read More]
The Indian narrow-headed softshell turtle is considered endangered. The zoo is the first accredited organization in North America to hatch and raise the species that's... [Read More]
People in Florida are turning to the government for help after Hurricane Ian. But that's not an option for the many people who work as... [Read More]
Testimony has begun in the seditious conspiracy trial against the Oath Keepers. Russia's president threatens to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. And, North Korea fires... [Read More]
Workers at animal shelters are preparing for more surrendered pets to arrive. A planned airlift will fly some of the pets to new homes across... [Read More]
From bagels to honey cake, these are a few suggestions from cooks and food enthusiasts for breaking the fast after the most solemn Jewish holiday.... [Read More]
President Biden traveled to Puerto Rico on Monday to get an update on the recovery efforts after Hurricane Fiona hit the island a little over... [Read More]
As Russian President Vladimir Putin threatens to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, U.S. officials are assessing the threat level and planning how the U.S. could... [Read More]
NPR's Steve Inskeep speaks with American University associate law professor Hilary Allen about the gaining popularity of cryptocurrency and the challenges of regulating the industry. [Read More]
Now that its fall, it's hard to avoid pumpkin spice everything. Why is this seasonal marketing strategy so ubiquitous? [Read More]
NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Rachel Chason, West Africa bureau chief for The Washington Post, about the coup unfolding in Burkina Faso — the second... [Read More]
The law is once again on the chopping block ­— this time on the question of how state legislatures may draw congressional district lines when... [Read More]
NPR's Steve Inskeep talks to journalist Thomas Ricks about his book on a military history of the civil rights movement: "Waging a Good War: A... [Read More]
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