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A new poll finds that two-thirds of Americans oppose reversing abortion rights. The white 18-year old accused of a racist shooting rampage in Buffalo, New... [Read More]
The lockdown of China's largest city has dealt a blow to the economy and frustrated residents. [Read More]
Sisters Jill and Erin each gave birth to baby boys on the same day in the same hospital. They were just down the hall from... [Read More]
In the photo, each of the six students is shown holding up a large letter that spells out the N-word. [Read More]
Golf's PGA Championship gets underway Thursday in Tula, Okla., but defending champ Phil Mickelson won't be there after he made inflammatory comments about a new... [Read More]
Boeing hopes to launch its Starliner capsule to the International Space Station. If this test is successful, Boeing hopes to begin sending humans to the... [Read More]
The one million U.S. deaths from COVID-19 happened out of sight for most Americans. It was often nurses who were caring for these patients and... [Read More]
A court hearing will be held Thursday in Buffalo, N.Y., for the white man accused of going on a deadly, racist rampage at a supermarket... [Read More]
A Russian soldier has pleaded guilty in a Kyiv courtroom to killing an unarmed Ukrainian a few days after the war began. [Read More]
Naheed Phiroze Patel's debut novel Mirror Made of Rain is out in the U.S. this week. [Read More]
The case of a yacht detained in the South Pacific island nation is raising questions about how far U.S. jurisdiction extends. [Read More]
The Biden administration has invoked the Defense Production Act to ease the shortage of baby formula. How would this legal vestige of the Cold War... [Read More]
Sweden and Finland officially applied to join NATO, but Turkey's president may oppose their acceptance into the military alliance. There is an international push to... [Read More]
Voters in Georgia go to the polls next week in a key primary election. NPR's Steve Inskeep speaks with voters from Gwinnett County, which leans... [Read More]
NPR's Rachel Martin talks to writer Raquel Willis about Kendrick Lamar's song Auntie Diaries which has divided trans people with its story of how he... [Read More]
As Americans commemorate a million deaths due to COVID-19, the partisan divide of who has gotten sick and died continues to grow, mostly due to... [Read More]
If abortion bans are enacted, millions would be forced to travel to less restrictive states, and some health providers are warning they may not be... [Read More]
Local organizations are behind food distributions in the East Side of Buffalo following the shooting at a Tops supermarket. [Read More]
Millions of people have fled Ukraine since the war started, but not all are Ukrainian. And some citizens of African countries have found that the... [Read More]
Matt Pike overcame long odds to find success in metal bands Sleep and High on Fire. But his deepening obsession with conspiracy theories has created... [Read More]
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