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Ibram X. Kendi has become famous for proposing that we abolish the U.S. Constitution and replace it with a dictatorship led by people of whom... [Read More]
2006—At the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the nomination of Michael B. Wallace to the Fifth Circuit, Roberta Liebenberg, chair of the ABA's judicial-evaluations committee,... [Read More]
In her Washington Post column, Ruth Marcus grossly misrepresents Judge Amy Coney Barrett's academic writing on the principle of stare decisis (adherence to precedent). [Read More]
In her previous career as a law professor, Judge Amy Coney Barrett wrote extensively and intelligently on the topic of stare decisis (adherence to precedent). [Read More]
The big question is, Can they get it done before Election Day? [Read More]
On the newly declassified FBI documents. [Read More]
In California, they set about feeding the homeless while making sure to be caught on camera, then settled down in a modest $14.7 million home... [Read More]
An Oval Office recording from 1940 reveals how FDR resisted the demands of black leaders for integration of the armed services at the outset of... [Read More]
Never mind that the U.S. has led the world in reducing emissions because of the fossil fuel known as natural gas! [Read More]
Europe, which was once reluctant to declare itself so, resides firmly in the U.S. camp in the strategic contest that's shaping up. [Read More]
The Pope has thoughts on gun ownership. [Read More]
Montreal writer John Buell's haunting novels foreshadowed current furors. [Read More]
In short, the future of American government. [Read More]
It was reported Friday that the president had selected Barrett ahead of Trump's official announcement, which is expected to come on Saturday. ... [Read More]
Republicans are dodging the health-care question instead of leveling with the voters. [Read More]
Moral obligations supersede the calming of political tensions. [Read More]
The editors discuss more shocking outcomes concerning Russiagate, the Breonna Taylor tragedy, and the necessity of a Supreme Court nominee. [Read More]
The House speaker doubled down on the comments she made last month. [Read More]
Election volatility, lockdown lunacies, reining in the Fed, and more. [Read More]
Rich, Charlie, and Michael discuss Trump's transition of power comments, and whether or not Trump's SCOTUS pick will be voted on before the election. [Read More]
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