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They won't let the body camera footage stand in the way of their narrative. [Read More]
Chauvin's conviction 'does not address potentially systemic policing issues in Minneapolis,' Garland said. [Read More]
You're Still A Bunch of Racists, Michael Ramirez. (April 21, 2021) [Read More]
The Chauvin trial is over, and Minneapolis didn't burn. [Read More]
Liberal-arts students may learn a lot of things, but arguably the most important is intellectual humility. [Read More]
On the menu today: tax, Big Tech and influencing the debate, Playboy's NFT play, Dogecoin and the deli, the chip crunch, and Veblen goods. [Read More]
The teen was trying to stab another girl when she fatally was shot. [Read More]
The forthcoming plan is expected to lay out broad emission-reduction goals rather than delving into detailed trade-offs. [Read More]
A leaked document reveals the ATF's plan to regulate ghost guns. [Read More]
Members of the Hispanic caucus claim Biden is willing to use budget reconciliation to pass immigration reform. [Read More]
The police power to use necessary force, which must necessarily be superior force, never justifies excessive force. [Read More]
In his majority opinion in Shapiro v. Thompson, Justice Brennan rules that state and D.C. laws that deny welfare assistance to residents of less than... [Read More]
What does the Derek Chauvin trial tell us about the police, and race, and the criminal-justice system in America? Well, it's one datum. That's it. [Read More]
Call out Beijing's environmental abuses instead. [Read More]
Regulators should think twice before imposing uniform climate-risk models. [Read More]
The once-great show is now Exhibit A in the decline of comedy, cartoons, and music culture. [Read More]
We've had a lively debate around here about democracy. As usual, it's involved left-wing critics willfully misreading those perspectives. [Read More]
A bill in the state legislature would help families, private schools, and public schools. So why are the state's superintendents obstructing it? [Read More]
Fighting isolated instances of classroom wokeness won't be as productive as addressing the educational institutions where teachers learn their left-wing methods. [Read More]
This Congress wants to spend money and send a message. That may be all it ever does. [Read More]
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