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A breakdown in American leadership, foreign disinformation, Antifa, and the coronavirus pandemic is still here. [Read More]
A commission has determined that the state must renew the license of Planned Parenthood's facility in St. Louis. [Read More]
The best way to ensure that life is deemed valuable is to avoid property damage, not to engage in it. [Read More]
It may be that much of the protest is not about achieving any specific reform, but simply to express outrage at the way police behave. [Read More]
The decision could effectively prevent news outlets from posting articles on social media at all. [Read More]
A number of stores, many of them in the upscale Soho neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, were looted on Sunday evening during protests. [Read More]
Altogether, so far the government has put up 194 miles of new fencing — but only 16 miles in spots where the fencing didn't exist... [Read More]
Last Friday evening, by a vote of 5 to 4, the Supreme Court denied South Bay United Pentecostal Church's application for an injunction against state... [Read More]
More trusted. [Read More]
Police denied an application by the group that organizes the vigil, stating that the decision was due to concerns regarding the coronavirus pandemic. [Read More]
Lock 'em up. [Read More]
"This decision is one that I feel takes us in that direction and the step to start getting the justice for George Floyd," said Governor... [Read More]
In Davis v. Davis, the Tennessee supreme court decides a battle between a divorcing couple over rights to their frozen embryos stored in a fertility... [Read More]
Former Obama adviser blamed the violent U.S. protests on "foreign actors" and suggested that Russia could be involved. [Read More]
A space launch, protests, riots, China, Russia, MAGA, music, and more. [Read More]
Scenes from marches, protests, and clashes between protesters and police in cities across the country over the weekend. [Read More]
George Floyd, Paul VI, and These Coronavirus Times. [Read More]
They mock the supposed inconsistency of originalist judges but offer no coherent, substantive critique beyond reflexive partisan sentiments. [Read More]
A panel of judges consisting of both Obama and Trump nominees rules in favor of due process. [Read More]
The action would permit the surveillance of Americans in the absence of probable cause. [Read More]
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