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Kodak became the latest U.S. brand to censor itself and apologize to the Chinese government for speaking the truth this week. [Read More]
It's not clear what the retaliatory sanctions entail, besides banning the named individuals from entering China. [Read More]
'Everything we got, we gave to the Senate. There's no secret file,' a former White House counsel's office official told NR. [Read More]
The New York Times leaves out several key details from a report that tries to cast a cloud of suspicion over Supreme Court justice Brett... [Read More]
Ukraine might get the impression that the U.S. cares more about its strategic-stability agenda than it does stopping Russian malign influence activities. [Read More]
Today on The McCarthy Report, Andy and Rich discuss the blowup over the January 6th committee, domestic terrorism and entrapment, Bill Barr, and much more. [Read More]
The comments came after a shooting disrupted the dinner rush in D.C.'s 14th street commercial district. [Read More]
It can be tempting to try to transfer all the anguish caused by disasters, whether they be fires or shootings, onto one party. We... [Read More]
It can be tempting to try to transfer all the anguish caused by disasters, whether they be fires or shootings, onto one party. We can... [Read More]
Just look at the power that CRT has already gained having escaped from academia out into the wider world. [Read More]
A Democratic successor to Trump was likely to be weaker on the substance of this pipeline issue, and here we are. [Read More]
Logos and branding tie a team's past to its present. They connect generations of fans. [Read More]
Obviously, not everyone can win Olympic gold in each event. But that only one person can doesn't mean no one should try. [Read More]
The name change for the Indians reinforces the message that the lords of the sport care more about the opinions of liberal commentators than about... [Read More]
The Rockefellers are using their wealth to disrupt pipeline repairs, making life more difficult for blue-collar workers. [Read More]
The week of July 19, 2021: regulation, infrastructure, and other clickbait. [Read More]
If a free exchange of information is the goal, keeping politicians from regulating the platforms, publishers, and users is the solution. [Read More]
As Democrats embrace authority and Republicans push countercultural revolution, we're reenacting the 1960s with the roles reversed. [Read More]
Biden may, indeed, not be proposing outlawing every handgun in America. But he's certainly taking aim at a lot of them. [Read More]
The FBI operated a 'fake tip line that never got properly reviewed,' Whitehouse said. [Read More]
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