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His sweeping immigration plan doesn't even bother pretending to implement enforcement provisions. [Read More]
His comment comes amid calls to oust the Wyoming congresswoman from her position as House GOP conference chair. [Read More]
The anti-Putin activist was arrested upon his return to Moscow from Germany after spending months recovering from a nerve-agent poisoning. [Read More]
The former congresswoman expressed concern about how officials will define the characteristics they are searching for in potential threats. [Read More]
The award-winning TV host and radio personality had recently been hospitalized with the coronavirus. [Read More]
1983—After telling his girlfriend that "we're going to kill Charles," William Wayne Thompson, age 15, and three older friends brutally murder his former brother-in-law, Charles... [Read More]
And what Edmund Burke, that titan of conservative thought, had to do with it. [Read More]
Tempting fare from dealers in New Hampshire, Connecticut, Virginia, and rural England. [Read More]
We should stop acting like every dissenter is a terrorist-in-waiting. We should also call out actual insurrection when we see it, on both sides. [Read More]
A giant on the field and an icon of the civil-rights era, he discharged his royal duties with quiet grace. R.I.P. [Read More]
Tech-immersed partisans are increasingly reluctant to confront the features of political reality that are resistant to their own desires. [Read More]
The consequences of weakening national identity are not benign. [Read More]
The week of January 18: Rational bubbles, Davos' questionable guest, the long road to a quick vaccine, and much, much more. [Read More]
Andy and Rich discuss the impending impeachment, Trump's new lawyer, and the pardons enacted by Trump in his final days as president. [Read More]
Women deserve better. America is better. [Read More]
Rich, Charlie, and Jim discuss Biden's inauguration and the new administration's actions in the first few days. [Read More]
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) announced on Friday evening that the impeachment trial for former President Trump would begin on February 8. [Read More]
The trial will consider one article of impeachment. [Read More]
Why Chief Justice Roberts would probably say no if asked to preside over the trial. [Read More]
President Biden canceled the construction permit for the pipeline in one of his first executive orders following his inauguration. [Read More]
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