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For years, many of the world's most powerful "three-letter agencies" – think CIA, FBI, and NSA – have gone "woke" as a cover for their... [Read More]
There's no question about it anymore: The Democrat Party is a domestic terrorist organization that is daily engaged in seditious activity aimed at taking over... [Read More]
Cooperation Humboldt, a transition initiative in Humboldt County in California, is providing mini-gardens for free to help communities in the state's North Coast become self-sufficient... [Read More]
European researchers discovered a new species of cuckoo wasps in Norway's Lista peninsula. The newfound species is nearly identical and behaves similary to another kind of... [Read More]
When it comes to biodiversity, the waters around the equator have long been miles ahead of most of the rest of the planet. The tropical... [Read More]
American self-driving car company Cruise will launch its first "robotaxi" service in Dubai in 2023, with plans to have nearly 4,000 vehicles in operation there... [Read More]
Independent News on Natural Health and the World... [Read More]
Pay attention folks, it's the shell game. You know, on the streets of New York City, hustlers school people and take their money. There's a... [Read More]
Pregnant women living within 2.5 miles of agricultural lands treated with pesticides have a greater risk of their children developing central nervous system (CNS) tumors, according... [Read More]
Back in August 2020, the Health Ranger and Natural News founder Mike Adams sat down with civilization expert Fred Markert to talk about America's collapse.... [Read More]
The illegitimate White House, in collusion with the mainstream media, is continuing to fearmonger with endless Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) propaganda, the latest narrative being that... [Read More]
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed an emergency order banning coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine passports on April 2, preventing all state-run organizations and private businesses from demanding that... [Read More]
Alliums are disease-fighting vegetables widely used as everyday food and traditional medicines. This incredible family of edible medicinal plants is composed of garlic, white and purple... [Read More]
Cactus pears could become a sustainable source of food and fuel in places in need of these two resources. Those are the findings of a recent study... [Read More]
Scientists discovered that giant tortoises can remember skills that they learned a decade ago, exceeding their reputation as animals lacking in speed and cognitive ability. In their... [Read More]
A new study suggests that the asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs likely gave rise to the Amazon rainforest in South America. Published April 1 in the journal Science, the... [Read More]
Former president Donald Trump has announced an independent social media platform that will allow direct interaction with his supporters, but the venture may already be doomed because... [Read More]
"Listen to the scientists!" the left has screamed during the entire pandemic. "But not those scientists!" (Article by Kayla Sargent republished from NewsBusters.org) Florida Governor... [Read More]
You would think Daunte Wright was a saint with the way he's been portrayed in the media after he fought cops and resisted arrest, which... [Read More]
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