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Unvaccinated students attending the Exeter, New Hampshire, high-school prom, were "marked" with a sharpie pen and then tracked throughout the evening, a New Hampshire parental... [Read More]
John McWhorter of Columbia stood up for a teacher who resigned from a New Jersey school pushing critical race theory. [Read More]
The Center for Disease Controls has scheduled an emergency meeting for June 18 to discuss the issue. Meanwhile, the vaccines are still in use. ... [Read More]
In this second installment of the "Kicking Away the Ladder" series, we explore how the upper middle class and wealthy have extremely high rates of... [Read More]
Short of a miracle, it's almost certain that border agents will apprehend well more than one million illegal aliens in fiscal 2021. ... [Read More]
Young men need to know what the risks are if they get the vaccine. Also, Overall Deaths from Vaccines have skyrocketed. It would take more... [Read More]
German Health Minister Jens Spahn said on Thursday that Germany will roll out a digital immunity certificate by the end of June. ... [Read More]
History is not going to condemn Joe Manchin for voting his conscience and convictions in the face of the abuse he is receiving. ... [Read More]
The U.S. Department of State on Thursday condemned the Nigerian government for suspending Twitter and targeting individuals who use the social-media site, including Nigerian broadcasters,... [Read More]
At a "Border Security Summit" on Thursday afternoon, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced before a group of Texas sheriffs, police chiefs, county judges, and mayors... [Read More]
But the new bills may be a moot point if current governor Tony Evers, a Democrat decides to veto the measures. ... [Read More]
The hundreds of newspaper reports about COVID relief that called the spending "stimulus" were misleading. ... [Read More]
Behold the power of white supremacy! It allegedly programs Blacks to commit hate crimes against Asian Americans. ... [Read More]
The clown show over at MSNBC might have reached peak clownishness on Tuesday when a member of the New York Times's editorial board implied the... [Read More]
Recent reports reveal as much as half of unemployment benefits paid out as part of government-issued COVID relief funds may have been stolen through fraud.... [Read More]
The New American covers news on politics economy culture and more based on the U.S. Constitution so that freedom shall not perish. [Read More]
Burger King is all in and will boast of donating to an "LGBTQ" group. But if your nation kills homosexuals, far be it from Burger... [Read More]
Direct from the 2021 Red Pill Expo in Rapid City, South Dakota, Dr. Manuel Aparicio discusses his use of chlorine dioxide solution as a treatment... [Read More]
The Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association has officially declared "whiteness" to be a parasitic pathology that has no known cure. ... [Read More]
We have the numbers and we know Trump won! These are real numbers but conservatives are closing their eyes out of fear. Wanted – Brave... [Read More]
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