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The takeaway from the second presidential debate as far as immigration goes is this: Democrat candidate Joe Biden and his unhinged supporters know nothing about... [Read More]
Dr. Fauci recommended against average Americans wearing masks earlier this year. Now he not only thinks everyone should be wearing a mask, but that doing... [Read More]
British television personality Piers Morgan blasted the American cable network CNN after the network unexpectedly canceled an appearance to promote his new book Wake Up... [Read More]
On the campaign trail, Donald Trump excoriated NAFTA, but now his administration is trying to renegotiate it. So is NAFTA bad, and if yes, will... [Read More]
Hillary Clinton and many in the media accused Russia of interfering in the 2016 election in order to get Donald Trump in the White House.... [Read More]
At a news conference, Tony Bobulinski, the former Navy lieutenant and partner of Hunter Biden repeated what he released in a prepared statement about his... [Read More]
Danish scientists performed a randomized controlled study of masks to see how well they might work at thwarting the coronavirus, but establishment-connected peer-reviewed journals won't... [Read More]
NPR claims that it has not covered the Biden email scandal because there are red flags in the Post's investigation and that it's not really... [Read More]
Totalitarians and con-artists who hyped and exploited the Coronavirus panic to steal freedom and destroy livelihoods are in the crosshairs, facing the wrath of a... [Read More]
The Democrat presidential nominee claimed many "constitutional scholars" agree with his view that the court system must be restructured. [Read More]
The final debate was a more controlled affair than the first one. Yet it shared with that event some moderator bias, and the night was... [Read More]
President Trump released the uncut interview ahead of the broadcast, revealing an aggressive and biased interview by CBS' Lesley Stahl. [Read More]
the Denver Bible Church and the nearby Community Baptist Church in Brighton - gained a reprieve last week from U.S. District Judge Daniel D. Domenico.... [Read More]
While most states have eased their COVID-19 restrictions, California has gone into full persecution mode against churches. ... [Read More]
Joe Biden is all for allowing a child to choose to "be" the opposite sex, but many who have done so grow to regret it.... [Read More]
Pope Francis has come out strongly in favor of same-sex civil unions. The pontiff made the remarks on a new documentary shown in Rome on... [Read More]
The FBI subpoenaed Hunter Bidenn's laptop as part of a money-laundering probe, and the agency had "nothing to add" when Director of National Intelligence John... [Read More]
A left-wing activist group is planning to block roads and supply lines and shut down government buildings to thwart Trump's reelection. [Read More]
Joe Biden is "the big guy" in the China-deal e-mails the New York Post published last week. He can no longer deny he knew nothing... [Read More]
A Christian school in Oregon is suing Governor Kate Brown for keeping it closed while allowing a nearby public school in the same county to... [Read More]
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