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Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at 06:09 PM
Cardinal Sfeir, the Maronite Catholic patriarch, supported a compromise that ended Lebanon's 15-year civil war but resulted in 15 years of Syrian occupation. [Read More]
Nominated for 10 Tony Awards, the Lerner and Loewe musical will begin a national tour and may play London. [Read More]
The programming decision was made after President Trump pledged of hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to the hurricane-hit Florida Panhandle. [Read More]
Andrew Johnson ascended to the presidency after Lincoln's assassination. Brenda Wineapple's "The Impeachers" recounts the efforts to remove him from office. [Read More]
Do you know anything now about life and the world that you didn't know before? Could you offer a younger you any advice that would... [Read More]
A three-part Fixes series provoked impassioned questions. The author has answers. [Read More]
A look back at how facial recognition technology has stoked controversy over the years. [Read More]
A possible merger with Viacom is back in play for the most-watched network, after it was affected by claims of misconduct at its executive wing,... [Read More]
The nation's natural beauty has for the last two centuries been at odds with a brutal history and violent present. [Read More]
The media mogul attended the Tony Award-nominated play with an entourage of past and present editors of the British tabloid depicted in it. [Read More]
Laura Barnett's novel "Greatest Hits" uses the creation of a retrospective album to explore a woman's tempestuous life in music. [Read More]
It's a perplexing reality, as women have made it to the top much earlier than most of the Western democracies. [Read More]
Bee Wilson's "The Way We Eat Now" delves into the startling consequences of the globalization that has revolutionized our relationship to food. [Read More]
Numerous corporations have been fined in recent years for misconduct. The question is whether the large penalties deter bad behavior. [Read More]
On this week's Modern Love podcast, the "Bless This Mess" star reads an essay about an unexpected connection. [Read More]
Kanter's team, the Portland Trail Blazers, played a conference final on Wednesday, but Turkish fans had a hard time finding it. [Read More]
Surgeons cured Tiger Woods's back on the fourth try — with plenty of help from Woods himself. But fusion surgery provides no guarantees of success. [Read More]
The promise of Zion Williamson was ejected from Madison Square Garden, a reminder of how difficult it will be for the Knicks to return to... [Read More]
Whether printed, stitched or painted, blooms abound on the season's boots and handbags. [Read More]
India Jackson, a doctoral student in physics, landed a coveted NASA internship in Houston. Within 24 hours, a GoFundMe campaign raised enough money to make... [Read More]