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The communications about President Trump's order to hold up military assistance to Ukraine were released under a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. [Read More]
With an absent defendant and a tired chief justice, the Senate will begin formal arguments as House managers open their case that the president committed... [Read More]
Democrats insisted the measure would have prevented the selective admission of evidence by President Trump's team. [Read More]
President Trump began blitzing out messages at a frenzied pace, aiming arrows at the trial half a world away. [Read More]
President Trump and Greta Thunberg dominated the first full day of the annual gathering of the rich and powerful in the Swiss Alps. [Read More]
President Trump's impeachment trial begins with an intense partisan debate over the rules for the proceedings. Here are the key highlights so far. [Read More]
The managers asserted that the view put forth by President Trump's team that abuse of power is not an impeachable office was not only legally... [Read More]
Each side has 24 hours total to argue their cases for and against removing President Trump from office. [Read More]
The top Democrat in the Senate criticized the proposed rules for President Trump's trial. [Read More]
President Trump made his first appearance on the international stage since the House sent impeachment articles to the Senate, on the day his trial is... [Read More]
President Trump was scheduled to make his first appearance on the international stage since the House sent impeachment articles to the Senate, on the day... [Read More]
Lawyers for President Trump filed the memo on Monday. [Read More]
A desire not to offend potential customers in a divided nation, as well as wariness of President Trump's Twitter account, means fewer topical ads. [Read More]
The Senate Republican leader proposed impeachment trial rules that push the 1999 precedent toward President Trump's preferences. [Read More]
Even as the Senate prepares for the substantive start of the proceedings against President Trump, there are big unanswered questions. Here are some of them. [Read More]
Twenty-one years ago, President Bill Clinton was brought up on charges of high crimes and misdemeanors. But there were some big differences from what President... [Read More]
As the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump nears, the Republican senator from Colorado has gone to ground as he tries to keep moderates and... [Read More]
In a six-page letter formally responding to the impeachment charges, President Trump's lawyers rejected the case against him as illegitimate and called the effort to... [Read More]
A photo from the march displayed at the National Archives was altered to blur signs that were critical of President Trump or might be offensive,... [Read More]
President Trump reaches deep into the perv barrel for his defense team. [Read More]
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