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That's great, but WTF is sNEWSi?
The Biden administration signaled its intent to join an international agreement to stop "violent" extremism online. [Read More]
Figuring out what Charlie Crist believes is tough. He's been a conservative Republican, a moderate Republican, an independent, a moderate Democrat and, now, a liberal... [Read More]
It's hard to believe, but America's largest pro-abortion lobby has actually found a way to demean women and motherhood even more than by convincing them... [Read More]
"Do the operators of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter edit their content in a fair and balanced way, or are they politically biased... [Read More]
The New York Times continues to vituperatively attack Republican efforts to keep the voting process secure. [Read More]
MSNBC correspondent Sam Brock admitted on Thursday's Hallie Jackson Reports that critics of Florida's new election law do not know how it will suppress the vote, but... [Read More]
I spent late Saturday afternoon in what has become, for me, a rite of spring. I watched the Kentucky Derby. I am no afficionado of... [Read More]
Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis's signature into law of SB 90, the state's election integrity statute, has apparently triggered Univision to the point of repeating... [Read More]
I recently came across the term "white-savior movies." According to critics, this is a type of film that features a white hero or heroine entering... [Read More]
The Central Intelligence Agency, a highly sophisticated entity tasked with collecting and analyzing intelligence to preempt threats against national security, brought shame on the country... [Read More]
As the Biden administration released new images Thursday from inside a Border Patrol facility to show how they were allegedly getting a hand on the... [Read More]
We can see where this is going. CBS on Thursday just said out loud what the next step in censorship might be. Talking to comedian... [Read More]
As Congress prepared to slink into their smoke-filled backrooms to craft the next federal budget, President Biden made it clear that his old-timey ways meant... [Read More]
Christian conservatives are distressed over the disturbing omission from Joe Biden's National Day of Prayer address. The "devout Catholic" never actually mentioned the central three... [Read More]
MSNBC's The ReidOut has had quite the week, going from hating trans Republicans on Tuesday to being pro-al-Qaeda on Wednesday to Thursday's declaration of being... [Read More]
Americans took out $1.7 trillion in government loans for college tuition. Now, some don't want to pay it back. President Joe Biden says... [Read More]
"BIG TECH on the MOVE! Twitter just suspended my Communications Director," Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) tweeted early Thursday morning. [Read More]
In a massive blow to free speech online, the Facebook Oversight Board decided to uphold the platform's ban of former President Donald Trump. But with... [Read More]
Conservative leaders and free speech advocates torched Facebook's Oversight Board for its decision on former President Donald Trump's Facebook account. The Board upheld the deplatforming... [Read More]
Even when decisions appear to go their way, liberal journalists on Twitter still find a way to complain. ... [Read More]
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