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The Trump administration's new national intelligence director waded into political waters in his first week on the job, declassifying documents that allies of the president... [Read More]
You'll remember in New York City about six years ago, a man got the death penalty for selling loose cigarettes. His name was Eric Garner,... [Read More]
America is now engaged in a vast, dangerous experiment. Although social distancing has limited the spread of the coronavirus, it is far from contained. Yet... [Read More]
Ninety-two years is a long time. If someone lives to be 92, you know they've been living right. If a restaurant lives to be 92,... [Read More]
Minneapolis and St. Paul are being tested. [Read More]
In the foreword to his book Cotton, Harris Barnes wrote about growing up in the Mississippi Delta. Barnes graduated from what's now Mississippi State University... [Read More]
It seems only right that I keep valued readers abreast of the trials and tribulations of Benji, the 8-pound Taco Terrier who came to live... [Read More]
The Presbyterian Church of Bella Vista, 1880 Forest Hills Blvd., is conducting a food drive for canned goods and staples for Care & Share of... [Read More]
For most of us, our spiritual journey begins in our families. Our parents may or may not have been religious, and if they were religious,... [Read More]
Of all the low moments in the 2016 Republican presidential convention — there were many — Michael Flynn's speech ranks high. [Read More]
Hot Springs landmark McClard's Bar-B-Q is changing ownership. [Read More]
The House overwhelmingly passed a bill Thursday that would make it easier for small businesses to utilize funds under the Paycheck Protection Program, Congress's latest... [Read More]
President Donald Trump on Thursday signed an executive order to empower federal regulators to crack down on social media companies like Twitter and Facebook. [Read More]
President Donald Trump said Friday that the U.S. will be terminating its relationship with the World Health Organization, saying it had failed to adequately respond... [Read More]
While bits and pieces of the state are starting to show signs of life, one sector that's still mostly dead: movie theaters. It's hard to... [Read More]
Today is May 29, the day affectionately known as "529 College Savings Plan Day." So today it seems especially relevant to address how we are... [Read More]
Last Friday featured twin firsts of medical significance for our less-than-healthy state. [Read More]
Recently I saw a statement that the coronavirus can be spread by talking. I want to explain to those who deny the virus why this... [Read More]
Slightly uncomfortable, masks have a lot in common with seat belts. [Read More]
The president of the International Committee of the Red Cross said it has recorded 208 coronavirus-related attacks against health workers and installations in 13 countries... [Read More]
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