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Plus: Christine Baranski and Audra McDonald keep fighting The Good Fight, the U.S. Women's Soccer Team fights for equal pay, and Clarice fights, generally. [Read More]
Conan makes his exit from late-night on June 24. Here are a few things The A.V. Club observed at one of the show's last tapings... [Read More]
The record exec says he offered to sell Taylor Swift back the master recordings of her first six albums, but she refused to negotiate... [Read More]
Jerry Seinfeld's long-awaited follow up to Bee Movie does not disappoint... [Read More]
"I have a cancer. It sucks and I'm scared," wrote the Blink-182 co-frontman... [Read More]
Spears talked publicly about the controversial arrangement, and her father Jamie Spears, for the first time in years... [Read More]
Disney+'s Turner And Hooch series premieres on July 21... [Read More]
Conan O'Brien and Jordan Schlansky's tense working relationship was a highlight of the TBS talk show... [Read More]
It's the latest spirited attempt to do Clue with werewolves... [Read More]
Pristimantis ledzeppelin was discovered over the hills and far away in southeast Ecuador... [Read More]
Come for the games, stay for the cardigans and life advice... [Read More]
The director-star's Open Range is a charming callback to oaters of old... [Read More]
Is it deeply unsettling? Yes. Will we watch? Absolutely... [Read More]
Physical creator Annie Weisman says Sheila's self-harm was inspired by her own lengthy struggle with an eating disorder. [Read More]
She's not just the former star of The O.C. you know... [Read More]
Lokis love tricks, so it should be safe to assume that there's more going on with Sylvie than she says... [Read More]
The actor, who plays Poppy Li, teases the season 2 finale of Apple TV+'s workplace comedy... [Read More]
Loki is officially the most prominent LGBTQ+ character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe... [Read More]
Nia DaCosta and Jordan Peele update the origin story of the ill-fated ghost killer with a deadly hook for a hand in the new adaptation... [Read More]
This also implies we could easily colonize Mars, but no one tell that to Elon Musk. [Read More]
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