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Nothing about being gaslighted in this manner makes it easier to bounce back after a relationship ends. [Read More]
A few months ago, Taylor Swift went to war against Big Machine Records, her old label, after new owner (and Swift's nemesis) Scooter Braun dared... [Read More]
After last week's terrifying cliffhanger, it's a relief that "A Hell Of A Week: Part One" isn't an hour-long home invasion thriller in which Randall... [Read More]
Netflix apparently doesn't want to be in the Marvel business anymore, which may have something to do with Disney pulling its streaming offerings in anticipation... [Read More]
It's a season of darkness. The wind howls, whipping cold across your cheeks. (This is coming to you from the midwest, just go with me.)... [Read More]
At the Grammys on Sunday, Aerosmith is being presented with the MusiCares Person Of The Year Award, with the band getting to do the usual... [Read More]
Last week, just 10 days before the Grammy Awards, Recording Academy CEO Deborah Dugan was mysteriously removed from the organization, with a New York Times... [Read More]
Hulu's corner of the Marvel universe may look even grimmer than Netflix's at the moment, with plans for a Ghost Rider show and a Tigra... [Read More]
Bertrand Bonello takes the zombie back to its Haitian roots. [Read More]
A full decade after its festival premiere, this portrait of Shanghai makes its U.S. debut. [Read More]
"My father saved Star City so that we can enjoy it, and he also never graduated college. So I think he'd be pretty impressed." [Read More]
Alicia Keys hasn't released a new album since 2016's Here, and before that she also went a few years before sharing any new music, but... [Read More]
Comic-book-to-film franchise starters often sag under the weight of creation stories, establishing conflict between the super-heroic and super-villainous and introducing a roster of iconic characters... [Read More]
Every year around this time, I find myself pondering the thin line between horror and suspense. When push comes to shove, I'm more of a... [Read More]
Well, it looks like the kids have finally hit a dead-end: One of the last remaining live-action Marvel series, Runaways, will reach its conclusion after... [Read More]
The course of Marvel's TV offerings has never run as smoothly as that of their cinematic siblings—possibly because, unlike with the movies, the TV side... [Read More]
The Hulu streaming service has done what neither the powers of Satan, nor Wes Bentley, could manage this week, defeating the Ghost Rider at long... [Read More]
While seemingly even the most unlikely people are jumping on the lucrative Marvel movie/TV bandwagon (Glenn Close is Nova Prime!), there's no one better suited... [Read More]
Well, that was grim. Even for the closing entry in a series about children killing children in televised death matches, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 2... [Read More]
Until robot technology advances to the point where we can have a cyber-Trebek who is indistinguishable from the real thing, everybody should be able to... [Read More]
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