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Okay, maybe that comparison of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Donald Trump isn't totally fair. For example, Modi rose to power thanks to a... [Read More]
Tonight's Batwoman is a nice reprieve from the seriousness and dread the show has delivered for the past few weeks. [Read More]
Here's what's happening in the world of television for Monday, February 24. [Read More]
Bob Odenkirk is just so appealing spinning Jimmy's rat-a-tat bullshit in the Better Call Saul season 5 premiere. [Read More]
For its milestone 100th episode, Supergirl cleverly pairs a nostalgia trip through the show's past with forward momentum for its protagonist's emotional arc. "It's A... [Read More]
"False Friends" provides confirmation that Yevgeny is a flesh-and-blood presence, not a figment of Carrie's information; the meeting pictured above definitely happens and is observed... [Read More]
This was one of the more inventive and cringe-inducing stories in recent memory, and the rare sequence that the series hasn't already done before in... [Read More]
Nailing the first half of a two-part episode is always tricky. By their very nature, first halves can't give away too many answers or there... [Read More]
"Time, space, history be damned," Claire tells Brianna. "Between Two Fires" actively engages with the challenges and moral dilemmas of time-travel on a character and... [Read More]
Producer Jordan Peele and creator David Weil's new Amazon series Hunters is a Grindhouse-style revenge fantasy about a team of, well, hunters tasked with tracking... [Read More]
Your life is boring and would be dramatically improved by the addition of celebrities, or at least that's the premise of a new show that... [Read More]
As reported by The Wrap, Sandra Oh is going to star in a Netflix series called The Chair from showrunner/co-writer Amanda Peet and executive producers... [Read More]
We're going through a Harley Quinnaissance at the moment, even if Birds Of Prey didn't light up the box office, and it looks like DC... [Read More]
It looks like Netflix will remain strong as the streaming home of cartooned nostalgia with another revisited animated classic. This time around they will be... [Read More]
Last February, we reported that Netflix was developing a new Transformers series with Rooster Teeth and Polygon Studios that would serve as a new origin... [Read More]
When Kara Hayward steals away for a romantic camping adventure with her endearingly awkward 12-year-old suitor (Jared Gilman), she brings along an impractical array of... [Read More]
Our weekly thought-starter asks you (and us) a simple question each week: What pop culture did you consume this weekend, and what did you think... [Read More]
Here's what's happening in the world of television for Sunday, February 23. [Read More]
When Octavia Spencer signed on to star in Blumhouse's horror feature Ma last year, she was pretty clear about her intentions: Scraping off some of... [Read More]
Alice Cooper visits Duncanville, the Fox animated series from Amy Poehler and Simpsons alums. [Read More]
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