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That's great, but WTF is sNEWSi?
Rather than just giving LeVar Burton the dang job, the producers of Jeopardy! have tapped former champ Buzzy Cohen as host of its upcoming annual... [Read More]
Hulu is getting a third season of Shrill, the premiere of Marvel comedy M.O.D.O.K., and a bunch of Resident Evil movies in May. [Read More]
Reports of alligators being found in urban areas of Florida have increased during the beginning of the spring season that will see the reptiles... [Read More]
Before Disney owned Star Wars outright, the studio tried to beat George Lucas at his own game with The Black Hole—and wound up with something... [Read More]
A Krakow, Poland animal welfare group received a frightened call from a woman reporting a strange lizard sitting in a bush outside her home and,... [Read More]
Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, two internet friends who supposedly have never actually met in person, have bought a football club in Wales together. [Read More]
Four years after the Fyre Festival disaster, attendees won a $7,200 settlement. [Read More]
Heavily manicured ornamental lawns are a literal drain on our water resources. Nevada is moving to curb at least some of that waste by getting... [Read More]
Mads Mikkelsen has joined Phoebe Waller-Bridge in the cast of James Mangold's Indiana Jones 5... [Read More]
A year after the death of Fountains Of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger, dozens of musicians are gathering to celebrate his legacy, including Rachel Bloom, Courtney Love,... [Read More]
Arcade Fire is back with its first new release in a long time, but unfortunately it's only available in meditation app Headspace. [Read More]
Steven Seagal is an accused sexual predator and sycophant to Russian oligarchs. Less well-documented is the fact that he doesn't know what to do with... [Read More]
The Starz docuseries Confronting A Serial Killer offers the gruesome details behind Samuel Little's killings of 93 women, and the lapses in the criminal justice... [Read More]
In her essay collection, The Hard Crowd, Rachel Kushner puts a premium on those who live their lives as art. [Read More]
We talked to the editor and the sound supervisor of Sound Of Metal, Mikkel Nielsen and Nicolas Becker, about how they created the immersive experience... [Read More]
"While we're in the tunnel, we still have to keep our foot on the gas," was Stephen Colbert's message to his fellow lockdown-weary Americans on... [Read More]
No kids' cartoon since Adventure Time has nailed the intersection between animated absurdity and heartfelt human feeling better than Infinity Train. [Read More]
All the hallmarks of what made Game Of Thrones great were immediately in place in the pilot. [Read More]
The White House Correspondents' Dinner, a long-standing tradition in the worlds of politics and political comedy, has been canceled for the second year running due... [Read More]
Hungry, produced by Will & Grace alums Sean Hayes and Suzanne Martin, will star Demi Lovato as one of several friends who meet up in... [Read More]
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