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One thing we'll be watching very closely is whether the president is seeking to game the system by selectively introducing documents or other material here... [Read More]
'Trump has so desensitized us that a day without a round of blunt force cruelty from the WH is newsworthy. ."Do not, as my party... [Read More]
This is an argument for a Sanders/Gabbard ticket. The 2 are philosophically in synch like no 2 other democratic contenders, such that they could be... [Read More]
Sanders' Iowa State Director Misty Rebik describes the campaign's strategy as the Iowa Caucus rapidly approaches. This is Rebik's first work on a presidential campaign.... [Read More]
Dominion Energy fired an oilfield worker in Rock Springs after the employee saved an estimated 50 waterfowl from wastewater ponds. Adam Roich said he's rescued about... [Read More]
The Wollemi pines once grew widely across Australia from more than 100 to 60 million years ago, The Washington Post reported. But now less than 200... [Read More]
Minnesota State Capitol 2017.(Image by Wikipedia (commons.wikimedia.org))   Details   DMCA"We are excited to build with a candidate who is already investing in our multiracial, working class... [Read More]
There are two near set in stone articles of political faith in the upcoming Senate trial of Trump. One is that no GOP senator will... [Read More]
White evangelicals opposed to modern, multicultural school textbooks wreaked havoc in West Virginia almost a half-century ago. [Read More]
The online poll, released Thursday, shows that 20% of registered Democrats and independents said they would back Sanders over 11 other candidates to run in... [Read More]
As he gets entangled in President Trump's impeachment sago, GOP hopeful Robert Hyde's hope of beating his Democratic opponent is dashed. [Read More]
freestock.ca)   Details   DMCAState Rep. Shevrin Jones reminded Floridians that Martin Luther King Jr. considered voting a right, not a privilege.  He made his comment after... [Read More]
Anderson's Axis of Resistance takes on the leftist position of 'a plague on all your houses'. Yassin Al-Haj Saleh, 'the intellectual voice of the Syrian... [Read More]
o understand where you are, it is necessary to know where you have been. To understand current Canadian policy towards the 18th most populous country... [Read More]
The sudden attack on Bernie Sanders by Elizabeth Warren, abetted by the anti-Sanders network CNN, proves Warren is running for herself, not the progressive movement... [Read More]
This column presents, briefly, some 20th and 21st century historical background on the present situation in Ukraine. [Read More]
States worry that a handful of 'faithless' electors could decide the next presidential election. Challengers say the Constitution leaves up to states the appointment of electors,... [Read More]
Ronald Reagan saw the unfairness in the world and began taxing Social Security because the elderly were just too prosperous. Hungry school children were getting... [Read More]
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