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This is a critical point that young people keep telling us. Part of ending war has to be ceasing to indoctrinate young people with acceptance... [Read More]
Oliver Stone's latest documentary, 'JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass' is now available on Showtime. Most significant was Stone sequencing the events before & after... [Read More]
When the GOP has lost someone like Norm Ornstein so completely it is clear that the Republican Party is no longer a viable political instrument... [Read More]
We don't know all the details of the Cuomo brothers story. But I have to wonder what I would have done if I were in... [Read More]
In an interview with The Times of Israel, Israel Military Intelligence ,Aviv Kohavi(Image by The Times of Israel)   Details   DMCA ... [Read More]
How sad the house looks, like a Pixar animation! / The forest too will miss us... [Read More]
Christians in the Belagavi district of Karnataka have been issued a 'friendly warning' by police not to conduct prayer meetings until the conclusion of the... [Read More]
The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity by David Graeber and David Wengrow is, I think, a terrific contribution to human knowledge and... [Read More]
Identifying willful ignorance as a deadly enemy in the war against Covid. [Read More]
Assessing the rhetoric of Israel's war against Hamas. [Read More]
'Fearful of Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma and Omicron. Absent, a supra-national, virus-defeating hero, like Fleming's: 007 - James Bond.'... [Read More]
The Freeversin' Supersonnet, The daily sonnet offers up a 14 sonnets which make up a supersonnet. [Read More]
This is a supplementary article. For a greater understanding of context, please read ''The Science' is not Exactly Science'... [Read More]
This article is in lead up to World AIDS Day. We have made the scientific advancements to have the right tools to prevent HIV, and... [Read More]
5G's rollout raises many questions: How will it transform peoples' daily lives and businesses? What kind of extractions and how much energy will it demand... [Read More]
You can tell a lot about us based on how we live, and how we handle lifestyle escalation. [Read More]
Indian parliament on Monday voted to repeal the controversial farm laws that had triggered year-long protests by farmers. However, Farmers have refused to end protests... [Read More]
The last thing that should happen in America is that a political party would choose to use racial or religious hatred as a primary tool... [Read More]
In mid-October, President Biden announced that the Port of Los Angeles would begin operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, joining the nearby... [Read More]
@SaraReyi Thank you Miss Rafaele Plastira 🌷 at — Boltech (@B0ltech) November 30, 2021 ... [Read More]
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