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As an outsider, I have no right to suggest Egypt should be anything but itself, but there's an internal squabble here, with public intellectuals assassinated,... [Read More]
We will stop telling a woman she looks beautiful by candlelight or in total darkness and realize this is actually an insult. [Read More]
"I am not joking when I say this, if you are ever working with me and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect, talk... [Read More]
Whether humanism means atheism, or a commitment to questioning all accepted beliefs, or an identification with all of humanity rather than a small sub-group, or... [Read More]
From January 18 to February 14, four large billboards are going up around Seattle that proclaim 'Nuclear Weapons Are Now Illegal. Get them out of... [Read More]
Biden's warmongering is going to look a lot like Trump's -- just directed in some different directions and expressing in slightly different ways. [Read More]
On January 6, 2021, President Donald ('Tweety') Trump incited a mob of domestic terrorists to storm the Capitol. As a result, five people died, including... [Read More]
Alexei Navally and Rebekah Jones are both political prisoners, one held in Russia the other in Florida. We should set the example for promoting... [Read More]
The ninth round of military talks between the Chinese and Indian military officials on Sunday failed to break the Ladakh standoff. In the military talks,... [Read More]
Musing about whether the US should prosecute everyone who took part in the Capitol insurrection, and what they are likely to do next... [Read More]
Israel claims to be a beacon of democracy in the Middle East -- yet engages in such cruel, vindictive practices that go beyond the pale... [Read More]
Sec. of State nominee Anthony Blinken told senators the Biden administration plans to still recognize Juan Guaidó as Venezuelan president. [Read More]
In the Attention Age, this is what we mean by stupid catch-phrases like 'moving forward'. As if we had a choice about that. There are... [Read More]
One last time, the internet has run wild over viral video of first lady Melania Trump apparently spurning the conventions of her role, triggering speculation about the... [Read More]
Assessing the goals of the 'Great Reset' and their sinister implications. [Read More]
A family of four, including two children, died as a result of an alleged Israeli air strike on Hama in northwestern Syria on Friday, January... [Read More]
Why is everybody picking on DJ. He was only doing what was expected in our system. Shame on us for castigating him. And sad.... [Read More]
Polarization is not the opposite of unity. The two are simply complementary sides of one coin. One both produces and requires the other. To transcend... [Read More]
POETRY: Meet Joe Black: First New Impressions. Well, won't be long before we're all laying in to Uncle Joe, good ol' avuncular Joe. ... [Read More]
Solutions to bring about positive change in America. This commentary offers Americans to discuss-debate choices for a better future. [Read More]
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