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Finding ultimate purpose is impossible - but honest people can give meaning to their lives by following scientific honesty. [Read More]
Bloomberg and the DNC are plotting to steal the nomination from Sanders if he wins a huge plurality of the primary delegates but comes up... [Read More]
The critical question of whether or not Bloomberg is an 'enlightened' aristocrat will soon be answered. [Read More]
The war to end wars didn't. However, it made Americans more aware of world needs and hammered fascism and racism. Buying into a... [Read More]
Bernie Sanders railed loud and long in 2016 that the Democratic Party's system of superdelegates and the superdelegates themselves were stacked against him. He was... [Read More]
A look at the different Democratic candidates for viability following the debate on Wednesday. [Read More]
Warren directly aimed at Sheldon Adelson, one of history's biggest GOP donor who gave $100 million to Donald Trump and Republicans this year alone. Adelson and his... [Read More]
Here we are, four months from selecting a nominee to take on Donald Trump, and it appears Russia is, once again, Trump's cheerleader. ... [Read More]
Now we're learning that Russia is trying to influence both the Trump and Sanders campaigns. The difference is in how they respond. [Read More]
My colleagues at RootsAction.org have looked into Bloomberg's record in some depth and are organizing against his campaign in early primary states. Let's review just... [Read More]
Lindsey Graham(Image by Gage Skidmore)   Details   DMCASen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina has been promoting an internet-related bill dubbed the Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect... [Read More]
Enhanced Medicare for All that wild scheme that Michael Bloomberg calls 'untried' because it's only been tested for decades in virtually every wealthy nation on... [Read More]
Over the past few decades, the flow of all sorts of ultra-sensitive scientific information, between the US and China, hasn't consisted of rare leaks. It's... [Read More]
Democrats and political pundits alike claim Trump is a threat to 'our democracy' and in the process perpetuate an irrational fear of socialism while failing... [Read More]
Days before US President Donald Trump's visit to India, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) issued a bitter criticism of Indian Prime... [Read More]
As you know, large-scale NATO maneuvers Defender-Europe 20 will soon begin. Nearly 40 thousand troops will take part in the exercise. The exercise will be... [Read More]
Rumors of Donald Trump's drug use are surfacing again. After nearly four years in the White House, the signs are getting hard to ignore. [Read More]
Section of downtown Spartanburg%2C SC IMG 4823.JPG(Image by Wikipedia (commons.wikimedia.org))   Details   DMCA Karen Martin is a Tea Party organizer in Spartanburg;... [Read More]
'He gets that all the issues we fight for are connected, and the gun violence isn't the cause but the symptom of systematic injustice in... [Read More]
Perhaps more strongly than any previous debate, nearly all significant issues of foreign and domestic policy were excluded. There were only a handful of references... [Read More]
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