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BulletVille developer NOWAA says Fuse bears too many similarities to its character Hunter to be a coincidence. [Read More]
With Pai out of office, perhaps net neutrality can finally get back on track. [Read More]
Unlock the full potential of this potassium punisher. [Read More]
The multiplayer mode is getting a closed beta test next week. [Read More]
Tall vampire women made of bugs, a steampunk bro with a hammer telekinetic powers—Resident Evil Village is truly weird. [Read More]
Four new hero portraits, and references to a 'Three Kingdoms Bundle,' have been added to the collection. [Read More]
Ten years after Puzzle Quest 2, new publisher 505 Games has confirmed that a new one is on the way. [Read More]
A look at the many videogame places Bernie has turned up in the past day. [Read More]
Lead your people to the stars, for free! [Read More]
Input these Hitman 3 safe and keypad codes for new objectives and ways to off your targets. [Read More]
Priests get a shout-out too. [Read More]
Blink and you'll miss it. [Read More]
Here's what you need to know to carry over your Hitman progression. [Read More]
Bang bang, you shot me down. [Read More]
I love this mod. That's the strap. [Read More]
Both Bluetooth and a wireless dongle included for wider device compatibility. [Read More]
Smash the system. [Read More]
Microtransactions and COVID-19 are key factors... [Read More]
Bolstered by Pat Gelsinger's CEO appointment, Glenn Hinton is heading out of retirement and back to Intel. [Read More]
Soon the Nvidia RTX 3060, the most affordable of Ampere GPUs, will be hitting the shelves. In unknown quantities... [Read More]
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