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America is becoming a red-hot mess in more ways than one, but a particularly disturbing trend is how mainstream actual Satanism is becoming. Past instances... [Read More]
China gravely miscalculated when it sent what it claimed was a "weather balloon" to violate U.S. national airspace. The balloon took a meandering journey across... [Read More]
California Governor Hair-Do, otherwise known as Gavin Newsom, is not the only money-making political hack in his marriage. Jennifer Siebel Newsom's nonprofit, The Representation Project,... [Read More]
Sen. Kyrsten Sinema recently formally declared "independence" from the "broken two-party system." Aside from the fact that she elaborated on her departure from the Democrat... [Read More]
Tan eventually obtained an expedited long-term protection order against him -- just in the nick of time, it sounds like. But there's a small part... [Read More]
We all had a feeling that one day technology would rise up and kill us, but it may do that in a more insidious way... [Read More]
UPDATE 12:13 a.m. Eastern: KTVQ in Billings reports: Yellowstone County Sheriff Mike Linder said his office had received many calls but could find no reports... [Read More]
There was a lot of talk after last November's debacle about the quality of the Republican candidates. It became a familiar excuse for the GOP's... [Read More]
Ritual humiliation of deviants is an everyday thing in East Asia. They thrive on it. [Read More]
The national media seems to be ignoring a grisly murder at Missouri University, and we don't need tin foil hats to figure out why. A... [Read More]
Suddenly, black cops can be racist — but only to other black men, and only because they learned it from white cops. The... [Read More]
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