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Whatever else you want to say about AOC, at least she's honest about being a communist. [Read More]
In order to fight poverty and increase upward mobility, Americans must fight fatherlessness. The Archbridge Institute encourages welfare reform. [Read More]
So much for keeping children home and doing Zoom school to keep them "safe" during the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. An 11-year-old California boy shot and... [Read More]
I guess Joe Biden is going to have to change his campaign slogan from "Build Back Better" to Build Back Better Slower." [Read More]
Did you hear the news? Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama have volunteered to take a COVID-19 vaccine publicly in order to promote... [Read More]
Austin's mayor and city council on Thursday approved extending its controversial mask mandate for an entire year. The mandate fines anyone over the age of... [Read More]
Not all reporting on COVID-19 reflects the reality on the ground. And the lockdown loving leaders are just ignoring relevant research and data. [Read More]
That which is rewarded is repeated. Apparently, the State of Oregon wants more antifa and Black Lives Matter rioting. At at time when violent rioters... [Read More]
Christmas is a magical time when miracles are possible. Congress is going to need one if they want to pass a spending bill to keep... [Read More]
We all know that the mainstream media is in the tank for the Democrats. While it's been this way for decades, the stark contrast between... [Read More]
The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports carjackings have skyrocketed in 2020. They're up a "staggering" 537% over last year. Over the past two months, Minneapolis police... [Read More]
Sometime in the next 5 years, the United States Navy will announce unmistakable, undeniable proof of the extraterrestrial origin of UAP's. [Read More]
Gavin Newsom has issued a new lockdown order that would effectively ban church, travel, playgrounds, and more if ICU capacity drops. [Read More]
An audit of 1,400 mail-in ballots in Nevada found that two percent were cast by voters who never actually received a ballot in the mail,... [Read More]
The Trump legal team has presented what they say is compelling evidence of voter fraud, alleging that election night video footage from Fulton County, Ga.,... [Read More]
The Wisconsin Supreme Court refused to take up Trump's election lawsuit, forcing the case to work its way up in lower courts. [Read More]
Past and present, one of the least known—and, until the modern era, largely futile—tactics used by Muslims to disarm Christians has been to insist that... [Read More]
Transgender orthodoxy demands no one shall refer to Ellen Page as female, despite the truth that she is. Even in the past, she is considered... [Read More]
Donald Trump is not unaware that his attacks on Republican officeholders in Georgia are splitting the party down the middle.  In fact, he's counting on... [Read More]
Attorney Lin Wood, who is an expert at winning defamation cases, should know not to tangle himself up in a defamation case he can't win.... [Read More]
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