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If you binged Get Organized With The Home Edit on Netflix and suddenly want to organize your entire life, you're not alone. The oddly soothing... [Read More]
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Jessica Alba faced off against Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon for a funny round of "Watch It Once TikTok Challenge." [Read More]
After Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death on Sept. 18, many Americans were overwhelmed with feelings of sadness and confusion. My own... [Read More]
Netflix's Ratched takes place in Lucia, CA, which is located south of San Francisco and north of Santa Barbara. Read more about where the show... [Read More]
These 30 tattoos for strong people show that inner strength and power comes in many forms. [Read More]
Hundreds gathered on the steps of the Supreme Court on Sept. 18 to honor Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg following her death. [Read More]
The Supreme Court justice and feminist icon died at age 87 on Sept. 18. [Read More]
Ratched features several gruesome murders, but the Netflix series is entirely a work of fiction. [Read More]
Ratched contains many nods to classic thrillers, but none as blatant as the use of Cape Fear's iconic score. [Read More]
Netflix's Ratched introduces a villain shaped by a very dark and twisted childhood — here are the spoilers. [Read More]
Joseph Marcell, best known for playing Geoffrey on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, appears in Netflix's Ratched — here's what he's been up to since the... [Read More]
The singer interviewed the senator in honor of National Black Voter Day. [Read More]
While the second season of PEN15 on Hulu may be too much for younger kids, here's what parents need to know before letting older kids... [Read More]
Play this trivia quiz on the 2000 movie Love & Basketball starring Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan. [Read More]
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died at age 87, the Supreme Court announced on Friday. The feminist icon and champion for women's rights had been... [Read More]
As a shopping editor, I spend my days browsing the internet for the hottest new products and best deals. One of my favorite places to... [Read More]
When you recall the last celebrity photo scandal B.C. (Before Chris), who comes to mind? Is it a woman? Was the leak intentional or from... [Read More]
The music behind Peloton's stretching videos has been a game-changer for my warmup and cooldown workout routines. [Read More]
The music behind Peloton's stretching videos has been a game changer for my warmup and cooldown workout routines. [Read More]
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