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    Continued from a previous post.   I here offer some further notes from Stephen Cranney, ""Who Is Leaving the Church? Demographic Predictors of... [Read More]
This image brings to mind the way in which the solid, rational, straight-line world supports -- or is infiltrated by -- the growing, curling natural... [Read More]
ASH WEDNESDAY OFFERING The painter said, 'these are my prayers,' And he wept at his unfinished paintings. Conceived with inspiration, Unfinished in frustration, A source... [Read More]
This guy has no business in elected office. [Read More]
I was once that careful a woman. [Read More]
In a recent piece on polyamory, Preston Sprinkle and Branson Parler make the argument that there are "good things" in polyamorous interest. In their handling,... [Read More]
It's a great time to freshen up on event etiquette, especially the parts that involve classes, workshops, rituals, and other presentations - so that you... [Read More]
WHEN a documentary called We Believe in Dinosaurs premiered in the US last year, Stephen Farber, writing for the Hollywood Reporter, said that it captures... [Read More]
This time last year, a good friend, who is agnostic, reached out to me saying she wanted to participate in Lent and wanted to know... [Read More]
Thomas Westbrook from the Holy Koolaid YouTube channel sits down and talks about life, the universe, and everything. [Read More]
A Series: Christian Theology—Answers to Questions: Seven: Bible Interpretation It would be utterly foolish of me to claim to explain "Bible interpretation" in a brief... [Read More]
In the spirit of taking words and using them however I want, I will now appropriate and recast "Self-Care" for my own purposes, scooping out... [Read More]
    I've just finished reading Nina Strochlic, "The Abduction of 276 Nigerian Schoolgirls Outraged the World.  112 Are Still Missing.  The Survivors are Reclaiming... [Read More]
William T. Cavanaugh says that our consumer culture is marked less by attachment to material things than by a triple detachment -- detachment from the... [Read More]
It's easy to become indifferent to others' sorrows and sufferings when we live in relative comfort. It's also easy to become indifferent to our own... [Read More]
Saint Photina, the Samaritan Woman at Jacob's Well, was elevated by Jesus and became and Equal to the Apostles. [Read More]
    "A man filled with the love of God, is not content with blessing his family alone, but ranges through the whole world, anxious... [Read More]
The Center for Inquiry doesn't like to be told that they're failing at inclusivity. [Read More]
Gospel for Asia issues the second part of an extensive Special Report on extreme poverty worldwide, how poverty elimination and alleviation is possible, but not... [Read More]
For the Holy Spirit to accomplish God's good works through members of the Body of Christ, leaders of the Church must shed their control and... [Read More]
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