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    We inadvertently attended a Tongan ward in Lahaina this morning and were thoroughly rewarded for doing so.  Almost the entirety of the... [Read More]
I shouldn't have to say that Black lives matter. [Read More]
This past week... The country Tunisia abolished slavery way ahead of the U.S. The Gold Rush began. Hawaii became a diocese and Kansas a state.... [Read More]
The goal of this blog was to analyze news from a Catholic perspective. The first few posts have detailed, in part, my move from anti-Catholic... [Read More]
When Benjamin Netanyahu barely won Israel's election for prime minister last November 1 for the third time, he had to form a very right-wing, extremist... [Read More]
Norm never did really "succeed" as a comedian, not in the traditional sense. But as far as relics go, one could do worse than Dirty... [Read More]
In my last blog, titled The Importance of Emotion In Worship, I challenged the slew of current articles here on Patheos criticising contemporary worship,... [Read More]
In October 2021, Pope Francis convened the Synod on Synodality, a two-year process of listening to the reflections, thoughts, and concerns of Catholics... [Read More]
You know that feeling when you wake up absolutely furious with someone for something they did in a dream? Welcome to my morning. [Read More]
If you find yourself attracted to a partner who is emotionally unavailable or distant, or someone who is a taker, you may be inclined to... [Read More]
I was in a program where I received treatment in a group setting in a clinical environment. Being a former minister, it was oftentimes difficult... [Read More]
A living hope is a dangerous thing. It is a revolutionary thing. Hope can keep you going when you're in solitary confinement, when you're being... [Read More]
The Working Catholic: Flee the World? by Bill Droel The monastic idea is to devote one's entire attention to God. Doing so during the Middle... [Read More]
It is perfect just as it is. Just being present. Just breathing. Each breath can be the last. Just as each breath can be the... [Read More]
ALONG TIME AGO.... Along time ago—two careers and two broken shoulders, hundreds of miles running, mortgages, six or so dogs, I was an investigator. Live... [Read More]
The prophet Isaiah wrote of Jesus that He is a "Man of sorrows." (Isaiah 53:3). Sorrow was something His mother experienced quite a lot of... [Read More]
The publican shows us the way -- we must not be prideful, but we must also not give in to despair. We should hope in... [Read More]
The Tiburtine Sibyl is one of the Sibylline Oracles, prophetic texts from the first few centuries of the common era that were supposedly written by... [Read More]
    So far as I recall, I first came to the island of Maui in 1970.  (I visited the Hawaiian Islands for the first... [Read More]
We're all snowflakes, and pretending we're not just makes things worse. That's the message of a recent study…... [Read More]
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