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Authoritative vs. Nurturant Styles of Religion Occasionally a friend (or even a stranger) sends me a book they have written and want me to read... [Read More]
A true story from Placerville, California. Dozens of protesters gather to keep a controversial symbol on their city's logo. [Read More]
WHERE WE ARE TRF5 is the fifth objection presented by Josh McDowell against the Hallucination Theory in his book The Resurrection Factor (hereafter: TRF). [Read More]
The worst sorts of Christians announce themselves very clearly when they encounter deconversion ex-timonies. It's a time-saver, really. [Read More]
Hi, my name is Clint Schnekloth and I'm a racist. On the gaming podcast I listen to, they always ask game developers how they first... [Read More]
    ***   For what it's worth:  I've just today agreed to participate in the 2021 edition of the annual FreedomFest, which, unusually, will... [Read More]
Summer Solstice Celebrations and Voices of the Earth Panel with Starhawk, Selena Fox, and Andras Corban-Arthen... [Read More]
We've talked about the jihad (struggle) part of Ramadan, the long hours of fasting that can challenge, build character, and bring one closer to God. [Read More]
  My kingdom, though I am risen, is not yet of this world.   John 6:1-15 for Friday of the Second Week of Easter.  ... [Read More]
Proud to be a non-God voter. [Read More]
How would you feel if they were your teachers? [Read More]
Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, is the largest evangelical school on the planet. Yesterday, it filed a lawsuit against its former president,... [Read More]
who was he? That's something of a different question to skeptics like myself as it is to Christians. And it's a very different question in... [Read More]
A gay atheist says his Christian supervisor kept trying to convert him at work. [Read More]
After a few weeks of settling into our new home on the island of Cyprus, we thought it was time to meet our neighbors. It... [Read More]
The judiciary, the legislature and the executive — at the national and the state levels — kept us engaged at the Freedom From Religion Foundation... [Read More]
Michael J. Alter is the author of the copiously researched, 913-page volume, The Resurrection: a Critical Inquiry (2015). I initially offered  59 "brief" In the first... [Read More]
Many misuse the term "people" by way of spurious familiarity. What about the Jews? Are they religious or ethnic? Or both? Is Jesus Jewish? [Read More]
    ***   Two new items appeared today in Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship.  The first is by Matthew L. [Read More]
C S Lewis repeats what a woman of his acquaintance told him: that as a child she was taught to think of God as an... [Read More]
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