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The benefits of saying this arguably outweigh any criticisms. [Read More]
RIGHT now the UK is in an unholy mess due to Brexit and the Covid epidemic. People can't get their hands on gasoline, supermarket shelves... [Read More]
Let's Talk about Evil-Theologically A recent Wall Street Journal (WSJ) opinion piece by Lance Morrow asserted that "Not That Long Ago Evil Really Meant... [Read More]
There is a time for waiting, even in areas of personal change we know need to happen. In those times, we experience the patience of... [Read More]
Third quarter. The Auburn Tigers are getting embarrassed by the Georgia State Panthers. On Auburn's homecoming. The chants emerge from the home crowd: "We... [Read More]
Today's guest post comes from Stephen B. Chapman, Associate Professor of Old Testament at Duke Divinity School. To learn more about Chapman, check out the... [Read More]
I recently wrote that everything I predicted, as a Remainer who publicly debated the EU referendum back in 2016, is coming true. But I just... [Read More]
At a faculty-student gathering some years ago a student asked, "What is Celtic Spirituality anyway?"  An Irish-American colleague and longtime friend was... [Read More]
Where are the missing votes for Donald Trump? Dog the Bounty Hunter is on the case and he says he has a lead. [Read More]
The lifelong search for moral clarity and certainty will often look and feel like relativism. The temptation is very strong to stop along the way... [Read More]
Just as you would exercise your body and mind, your chakras can sometimes use a kickstart, too. Unblocked chakras allow your life force to flow... [Read More]
If you've ever seen your man shut down when you think you're just asking questions or giving helpful advice, here's some of what might be... [Read More]
    ***   Here are links to a few articles in a previous volume of Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship... [Read More]
Verbose Stoic (VS), who comments here and with whom I almost always have disagreements (or who has disagreements with me), and always in a thankfully... [Read More]
In a previous blog (https://www.patheos.com/blogs/musingsfromthepew/2021/09/famous-churches-still-serve-their-communities/), I mentioned that my husband Attending other churches when traveling can bring new appreciation and understanding of the Mass, the... [Read More]
%%excerpt%% Attending other churches when traveling can bring new appreciation and understanding of the Mass, the Church's universalilty and the... [Read More]
Las Vegas is a generative site for exploring fear and loathing—as well as hope and longing—related to technological innovation. [Read More]
          According to some traditions captured by the good folk at Wikipedia it was on this day, the 28th of September... [Read More]
Hi and welcome back! I just spotted this story over at Science News, and it just fascinated me. There are these things called 'ghost tracks' -- they're... [Read More]
Tertullian (c.160-c.225) asked rhetorically: "What has Athens to do with Jerusalem? Or, the Academy with the Church?" (Tertullian, vii). I answer: lots! Public theology is... [Read More]
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