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The implication is clear. [Read More]
In his recent book Resisting Throwaway Culture, bioethicist and moral theologian Charles Camosy expressed his concern about our culture's increasing People are not isolated individuals... [Read More]
Recently, I wrote a few pieces on heaven with reference to William Lane Craig and how he has made claims about front-loading people who would... [Read More]
I've observed a number of discussions taking place on social media this week regarding favorite choral pieces by African-American composers. I thought... [Read More]
This may shock you, though it sadly shouldn't: White American Catholics can be racist. Yes, even those who attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days... [Read More]
*** *** This discussion came about as a result of the brief "live chat" of 29 December 2000 between Dave Armstrong and Bishop White, in the latter's... [Read More]
The Amish have thick communities in which members are not autonomous but are deeply embedded within a web of familial, religious, and economic... [Read More]
Fundamentally Offensive: In a deplorable rant Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick makes the ridiculous claim that racism won't end until "the left" [Read More]
I don't want you To be canceled; I want you to get it. And nobody gets it Until somebody Gets you first. So I want... [Read More]
    According to David Wilkinson, God, Time and Stephen Hawking: An Exploration into Origins (London and Grand Rapids: Monarch Books, 2001), a... [Read More]
    It's Friday noon, Utah time!  So, as has happened hundreds of times before, a new article has gone up in Interpreter: A Journal... [Read More]
First & Second Corinthians: Great Resources 4 Pastors   Alexandra Brown, The Cross and Human Transformation: Paul's Apocalyptic Word in 1... [Read More]
A friend on social media reminded me that the word "apocalypse" is Greek for "revelation." That's what an apocalypse is. Usually, in practice, when you... [Read More]
Gen. James Mattis, Trump's former Secretary of Defense, is the latest former administration official to strongly criticize Trump, this time over his use... [Read More]
    I was away from my computer much of yesterday (Thursday) and, anyway, I seldom think about what day of the week it is... [Read More]
He understood clearly That all he had to do Was hold the Bible Courageously for all The cameras after The black people had Been removed... [Read More]
*** This is a follow-up discussion (Round Two) to my previous four-part critique of a post by Jason Engwer. Jason is now starting to counter-reply, Long,... [Read More]
It seems to be remarkably hard for many white conservative Christians to affirm the slogan "black lives matter." There are a bunch of possible reasons... [Read More]
A lot of our work at the Freedom From Religion Foundation during the past week has been in reaction to what's currently happening in this... [Read More]
Three ways to save a life 1. donate blood     2. Donate Stem Cells     3. Donate your covid19 antibodies Find out more.... [Read More]
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