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It's that time of year again. I have, at different Christmases, run some series debunking the historical claims within the Bible (specifically the Gospels of Matthew... [Read More]
Applications are now being taken for the 2020 Le Guin Feminist Science Fiction Fellowship to support special collections research in the UO Libraries. The fellowship... [Read More]
President Trump is Person of the Year -- the year being 1938. [Read More]
One of the big arguments Republicans are making against the obstruction of Congress charge for impeachment is that it's premature, that they should wait for... [Read More]
Peter Bergen, one of the best foreign policy and national security writers around, has a new book coming out called Trump and his Generals: The... [Read More]
What Is "Anti-Semitism" and What Does It Have to Do with Critics of Israel? According to a recent Associated Press release (published in my local... [Read More]
Six years ago on a chilly December morning, Adam Lanza killed his mother and then blasted his way through the front doors of Sandy Hook... [Read More]
A few of you have been reading Dispatches long enough to remember Lawrence Van Dyke. As a Harvard Law student he wrote a pro-creationist article... [Read More]
I am a big fan of Skydivephil and his videos with his wife. They usually create videos on the universe and cosmology. This is a... [Read More]
Trump bootlicker Mike Huckabee tweeted out that Trump is eligible to serve a third presidential term, 22nd Amendment be damned. He said he'd be on... [Read More]
Thanks to all who have sent me links this week, especially Kris. Thanks, too, to Terri Fullerton for this beautiful rendition of Mary. A beautiful... [Read More]
    This is a Christmas season column that I published in the Deseret News back in 2017:   Literally central to the worship and... [Read More]
Discussing the discrimination leprosy patients experience, and the grace of God through leprosy ministry missionaries to help and heal the uncared for and shunned. [Read More]
How Are We Practicing Generosity? Some of us assume generosity is when people donate millions of dollars or give away brand new cars. Our idea... [Read More]
    Roughly a decade ago -- I would need to check to be precisely sure -- the then editor of the Deseret News, Joe... [Read More]
We are at the end of Week Two, the week of Faith. We have talked about how faith is more than a belief, but also... [Read More]
Joseph had a choice to make, a decision that would alter his life forever! He had a dilemma! What did he do? Would he divorce... [Read More]
Thanks for helping us reach this milestone! [Read More]
The Anxious Bench-ers share some of the books that they read in 2019. [Read More]
    Traditionally, several of us from our neighborhood would be up there for this concert, with a wonderful dinner beforehand at The Roof, and... [Read More]