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"It was like pressing pause," said 33-year-old Marina Lançon, one of the seven female members in the experiment, adding she didn't feel there was a... [Read More]
We spoke with the best-selling author about doubling down on summer, how her daughters influenced her new book, and about one character's foray into mouse... [Read More]
The pandemic had left students feeling disconnected, so Roy reached out to classmates to ask: Would they ask everyone they knew for their favorite recipes... [Read More]
The Philadelphia Museum of Art unveiled its $233 million Frank Gehry update late Friday morning with a formal ribbon cutting. Then the public walked in... [Read More]
University officials believe the new museum would be the largest in square footage and size of collection between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. [Read More]
One of the top tappers on the scene, Casel performed in a trio with piano player and composer Annastasia Victory and singer-songwriter Crystal Monee Hall. [Read More]
The best-selling author of "The Lost Girls of Paris" and "The Orphan's Tale" was inspired by the story of a group of Polish Jews who... [Read More]
Two portraits of Mexican royalty, including an empress who fled to Philly, are actually four portraits. A conservator discovered that both have portraits of Spanish... [Read More]
One of the works in the triptych sung and co-written by Tines is dedicated to the memory of Breonna Taylor. [Read More]
Three high-voltage singers and full orchestra were on hand for a concert performance at the Mann Center on Wednesday. People dressed for the occasion, accessorized... [Read More]
An exhibition of works by local art-makers opens the Philadelphia Museum of Art's new contemporary galleries. The new Early American galleries reframe that collection to... [Read More]
The Bucks County native has deep ties to Curtis. [Read More]
A $233 million renovation of the Philadelphia Museum of Art opens to the public on Friday. Here's how to understand the layout of the floors... [Read More]
The Philadelphia Museum of Art will unveil the culmination of two decades of planning and construction: a project by the celebrated architect Frank Gehry. [Read More]
After 15 years of planning and construction, the architect of the audacious Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, has left a very different kind of mark... [Read More]
McCall Elementary student Mason Seder credited President Joe Biden's pandemic response for getting him back into the classroom. [Read More]
A wardrobe change is also in the wings, from white tie and tails to a new concert look. [Read More]
A last-minute ad blitz by an outside group that four years ago helped propel Krasner to the forefront of a new crop of progressive prosecutors... [Read More]
Hundreds of people from the American branch of the Hindu nonprofit Sewa International have volunteered at Esperanza and the Convention Center, Philly's two federally managed... [Read More]
Bohjalian's latest is a thriller in structure, and a real page-turner, writes "Outlander" novelist Diana Gabaldon in her review. [Read More]
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