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Expanding the Supreme Court so that Joe Biden can nominate two (or perhaps four) new leftists has been on the Democrats' wish list since the... [Read More]
Europeans are looking forward to a cold, dark winter. Natural gas is scarce and expensive, and the 'green' energy in which European countries have invested... [Read More]
In commenting on the supply chain crisis the other day, Joe Biden said: I want to thank my Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force, which we... [Read More]
So we're all set for the live Zoom taping of this week's Three Whisky Happy Hour podcast at 5:30 pm Pacific time. Use this Zoom... [Read More]
How is the left's campaign to harass Sen. Kyrsten Sinema until she agrees to in excess of $4 million in new spending working out? Not... [Read More]
Readers have undoubtedly heard something of the Biden administration/IRS proposal to expand the scope of bank reporting requirements on customer accounts. The proposal has elicited... [Read More]
Scott has written already about the disgrace at Yale Law School ('Getting Minds Right at Yale'), but the story is worth a footnote. Washington Post... [Read More]
Data from the National Center for Education Statistics (the Center) show that test scores in both reading and math have declined for 13-year-old students. This... [Read More]
I wrote here about the possibility that the United States might come apart, not in another violent civil war but in a Brexit-like separation of... [Read More]
Woke capitalism is one of the strange phenomena of our time. Why major corporations think it is in their interest to embrace anti-Americanism, racism (CRT),... [Read More]
I'm a little late getting this notice up, but tomorrow (Friday) afternoon the great 'Lucretia' and I will be taping our weekly Three Whisky Happy... [Read More]
The American Civil Rights Project (ACR Project), on whose board I serve, is investigating whether the officers and directors of Lowe's Companies, Inc. have breached... [Read More]
Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard argument in the case of Dzhokar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bomber. A jury sentenced Tsarnaev to death, but the liberal... [Read More]
There are several stories that can write themselves every morning, such as the failure of green energy, the failure of the Biden Administration, the failure... [Read More]
I moderate comments for Power Line and have posted several notes to commenters including those here (2020) and here (2019). They enumerate the guidelines and... [Read More]
If there was ever an administration unequal to the challenge of mitigating product shortages and lowering inflation, it must be the Biden administration. They know... [Read More]
Aaron Sibarium gives readers a look inside the higher education asylum in the Washington Free Beacon story 'A Yale Law Student Sent a Lighthearted Email... [Read More]
Donald Trump was a very good president, our best since Ronald Reagan in my opinion. But along with doing some very good things, he has... [Read More]
Jon Gruden is out as coach of the Las Vegas Raiders because of what he wrote in private emails. The emails are described by the... [Read More]
Katie Couric is out with a memoir from her Morning Show days that apparently dishes on everyone. I have no idea because I haven't read... [Read More]
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