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ISIS Kills Over 60 Syrian Troops in 48 Hours of Attacks | Attacks hit several areas along north, east Syria... [Read More]
The only US president to complete his term without war, military attack or occupation has called the United States "the most warlike nation in the... [Read More]
US Intel Doubts North Korea Weapons Test Was Successful | Officials think it was part of an anti-tank weapon... [Read More]
Ecuador Judge Orders Detention of Former Foreign Minister Connected to Assange | Former FM believed to have fled the country days ago... [Read More]
US Reveals Support for Former CIA Asset Hafter in Libya | White House says Hafter has important counter-terrorism role... [Read More]
Pompeo Dismisses North Korea Demands, Says He Can't Be Removed From Talks | Insists he will continue to lead US talks... [Read More]
More Than 70,000 Killed in Yemen's Civil War: Database Tracker | 10,000 estimated killed in just the past five months... [Read More]
British police dragged WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London on April 11, witnessed by a scrum of international media. -... [Read More]
Europe to Resist US Sanctions on Firms That Do Business With Cuba | Nations reject US threats to move against foreign companies... [Read More]
France Denies Their Weapons Were Used Against Civilians in Yemen | Intelligence shows Saudis, UAE both used weapons against civilians... [Read More]
ISIS killed an officer during an attack. - Margaret Griffis for Original... [Read More]
SecDef: North Korea Weapons Test 'Not a Ballistic Missile' | Offers few details after North Korea's own announcement... [Read More]
US, Russia Derail UN Call for Libya Ceasefire | Russia rejects blaming Hafter, US won't say why they oppose it... [Read More]
Qatar: Afghan Peace Talks Are Postponed Indefinitely | Afghan govt refused to send delegation to scheduled talks... [Read More]
Justice Dept Keeping Details of Assange Case Secret | Officials claim case contains 'nonpublic information'... [Read More]
Officials: Trump Admin's New Iran Report Skewed, Intended to Justify Military Action | State Dept ignored intelligence assessments, drew its own conclusions... [Read More]
North Korea: Keep Mike Pompeo Out of Future Talks | Foreign Ministry wants to deal with someone 'more careful and mature'... [Read More] editorial director Scott Horton is reading, analyzing, and blogging his findings on the Mueller Report. Check it out over at the Libertarian Institute site. [Read More]
So, what have we learned from the Israeli legislative elections on April 9? A whole lot. To start with, don't let such references as the... [Read More]
Iran's Rouhani: US Should Suspend Sanctions Because of Flooding Crisis | Says US should've provided one year exemption from sanctions... [Read More]