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This article originally appeared at TruthDig. You have to hand it to him—the man has a way with words and he sure knows how to... [Read More]
During the South Sudanese Civil War, which has claimed nearly 400,000 lives, the United States helped the main belligerent in the war continually acquire -... [Read More]
Three militants were killed in Iraq. - Margaret Griffis for Original... [Read More]
US Plans to 'Counter' Russia and China in Africa | Bolton says US focus is on trade in Africa... [Read More]
Bolton: Trump Won't Meet Putin While Russia Holds Ukrainian Ships | Russia impounded boats after late November incident... [Read More]
Turkey Builds Up Military at Syria Border for Planned Offensive | Kurds vow to resist any Turkish invasion... [Read More]
Israel to Approve Thousands of Unauthorized West Bank Settler Homes | Netanyahu also vows to try to advance new constructions... [Read More]
Yemen Talks End With Ceasefire Agreed for Hodeidah | Both sides agree to withdraw all troops from Hodeidah within 21 days... [Read More]
Senate Unanimously Condemns Saudi Crown Prince for Murdering Journalist | Resolution passes without objection in aftermath of Yemen War vote... [Read More]
Senate Votes to End Support for Saudi War in Yemen | 45 years after War Powers Act, a first successful challenge... [Read More]
From Kate Kizer, Policy Director, Win Without War, a program of the Center for International Policy. FYI – There are two terrible Cotton amendments that... [Read More]
Pentagon: Turkish Invasion of NE Syria Is Unacceptable | Erdogan says offensive will begin 'within a few days'... [Read More]
Afghan Forces Abandon Western District After Taliban Attacks | Govt unable to supply troops under Taliban siege... [Read More]
Korean Troops Peacefully Cross DMZ for First Time Ever | Border troops sent to check one another's work on closing outposts... [Read More]
Yemen Warring Parties Reach Deal on Reopening Sanaa Airport | Oil and gas exports to resume... [Read More]
Trump Stands by Saudi Crown Prince Despite Congressional Opposition | Says Saudis are 'a very good ally'... [Read More]
Researchers: Yemen Death Toll Is At Least Six Times Higher Than Estimate | 10,000 killed estimate is long outdated... [Read More]
Originally appeared on The American Conservative. The Guardian published three accounts from Yemeni aid workers working with the Norwegian Refugee Council about their experience of... [Read More]
Senate Votes to Proceed on Yemen War Resolution | Vote advances war resolution for debate... [Read More]
Al-Tanf, Idlib, Kurdish areas in the northeast. Three Syria powder kegs and the US is holding a handful of matches. The continued US occupation of... [Read More]