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President Donald Trump once called Gregory Cheadle "My African-American" during a California campaign rally in 2016, but now Trump's champion is out and he says... [Read More]
A CNN panel broke out into laughter talking about President Donald Trump's pathetic jealousy of his predecessor, President Barack Obama. Obama's new book is slated... [Read More]
CNN host Don Lemon mocked President Donald Trump for being classless up against former President Barack Obama. Over the weekend, Trump has complained about Obama... [Read More]
Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) speculated that any investigation done through the impeachment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh would likely be far from ethical or accurate. Still,... [Read More]
On Monday, following the attack on Saudi oil facilities that President Donald Trump says was carried out by Iran, CNN's Chris Cuomo clashed with pro-Trump... [Read More]
The new season of Dancing with the Stars" introduced an eager and smiling Sean Spicer during it's Monday season opener. The former spokesperson for President... [Read More]
What can't executive power do? If you ask the Trump administration, the answer seems to be almost nothing. Consider just the news Monday night. We... [Read More]
MSNBC host Rachel Maddow began her Monday show with a series of crazy current events that erupted over the weekend. One was that one of... [Read More]
Vanity Fair reporter Gabriel Sherman published a story Monday claiming that President Donald Trump's team is considering replacing Mike Pence as vice president on the... [Read More]
Prosecutors in Manhattan are now seeking eight years of tax returns and business records from President Donald Trump as part of a criminal investigation. And... [Read More]
Corey Lewandowski is slated to testify before the House Judiciary Committee, but President Donald Trump's White House is telling the possible Senate hopeful to keep... [Read More]
and weighed in on the possibility of President Donald Trump using military force. "Should a military strike be on the table right now as an... [Read More]
If President Donald Trump doesn't act on gun safety laws he's going to look like an idiot, according to one MSNBC host. During an introduction... [Read More]
President Donald Trump has generated a huge amount of election campaign money from fundraisers in California — a state where he is underwater 30 points... [Read More]
Democrats have spent months fighting over the tiniest details of each policy during the handful of Democratic debates and forums. While they may agree on... [Read More]
On Monday, Saudi oil facilities were hit with a drone strike that U.S. intelligence is claiming originated with Iran. If this is true, it would... [Read More]
President Donald Trump has been banging the drums of war in recent days, pointing the finger at Iran for a massive drone attack on Saudi... [Read More]
The American media world—both social media and "news" media—is afire with the news that actor Felicity Huffman is going to jail for spending $15,000 to... [Read More]
President Donald Trump denied the 19 intelligence agencies that reported Russia hacked the 2016 presidential election because they wanted him to win. According to Trump,... [Read More]
On Monday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," reporter Kara Scannell analyzed the new subpoena by Manhattan prosecutors for President Donald Trump's tax and business... [Read More]
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