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So holds a Ninth Circuit panel (by a 2-1 vote), evaluating the California closure rules. [Read More]
Language regarding seed exchanges could violate contracts. [Read More]
The law enforcement agency has a disturbing record of drumming up the very conspiracies they're investigating. [Read More]
Expanding government-imposed burdens to new classes of people is a bad idea, unless the goal is equality of immiseration. [Read More]
The ruling is unsurprising. But it does further strengthen the case against the moratorium, and increases the odds the issue might eventually make it to... [Read More]
"Hopefully, [Professor Howard B. Stravitz] would have joined in the dissent." [Read More]
Canadian County Sheriff's deputies said Thai Nang's cash was drug money. He says he was buying land, and a local news outlet was easily able... [Read More]
Mocking penis-shaped rockets is no substitute for holding the feds accountable for a looming fiscal crisis. [Read More]
The Sixth Circuit's decision is at odds with that of the D.C. Circuit, and features a Judge Thapar concurrence on delegation. [Read More]
The governor signed a bill in May limiting the power of state and local officials to impose emergency public health orders. [Read More]
Innovative orthodontics, cumulative explosions, and voting by proxy. [Read More]
Even with coronavirus deaths at a trickle, Prime Minister Boris Johnson won't rule out more lockdowns. [Read More]
No, there isn't really much more to this deservedly forgotten film. [Read More]
It appears that folks in the Biden White House have learned from the mistakes made by prior Democratic Administrations. [Read More]
A bill signed into law this month in Illinois and one awaiting governor approval in New Hampshire would let kids sell non-alcoholic beverages outside their... [Read More]
New empirical research suggests the answer is yes. [Read More]
Inside the dispute over gain-of-function research. [Read More]
The Chief has written many of the Court's property cases over the past decade. [Read More]
A simplified tax code is the answer, not giving the IRS more funding. [Read More]
The Fifth Circuit orders dismissal. [Read More]
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