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Angelo Quinto's family has filed a wrongful death claim. [Read More]
Two district court decisions have upheld the moratorium against various challenges, while one has ruled against it. The legal battle may be just beginning. [Read More]
The judge was rightly not amused ("I'm concerned about the welfare of the patient based on what I'm seeing"), and the California Medical Board might... [Read More]
A promising new law will give agricultural communities in Massachusetts more say in local public-health rules that apply to them and impact their property and... [Read More]
"This outcome is clearly dictated by this Court's decision in South Bay United Pentecostal Church v. Newsom." [Read More]
So a federal district court apparently held in Green v. Miss United States of America, LLC. [Read More]
The statements about former law student Jonathan Mullane were either a fair report of court proceedings or protected by the First Amendment. [Read More]
From Powell v. Jones-Soderman & Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts, decided today by the Second Circuit... [Read More]
Under a bill the two senators reintroduced on Friday, all presidential emergency declarations would expire after 72 hours unless Congress votes to allow them to... [Read More]
"[O]nce a matter is brought before a court for resolution, it is no longer solely the parties' case, but also the public's case." [Read More]
We'd love to have our blog automatically feed to a MeWe page, as we do on Facebook, Twitter, and Parler;... [Read More]
A nationwide ban on evictions is well outside the congressional power to regulate interstate commerce, ruled U.S. District Judge J. Campbell Barker on Thursday. [Read More]
A legislature may not "criminalized ... passive and innocent nonconduct," the court says, applying both the federal and state constitutions' due process clauses. [Read More]
The anti-discrimination law seems designed to divide when compromise would better serve to expand federal protections. [Read More]
The state's ban on "large-capacity magazines" is easy to justify, as long as you assume its benefits and ignore its costs. [Read More]
I see three ways to limit emergency powers ex ante. [Read More]
Furtive offenses, cable bundling, and a Twitter pile-on. [Read More]
Anne-Marie Slaughter hasn't given up on intervention and the "responsibility to protect" doctrine. [Read More]
New York City's embattled public school system gets a new chancellor. But the influence of the old one will remain, and not just in the... [Read More]
From Dr. Peter Bach at StatNews: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made headlines last week when it announced... [Read More]
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