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It is easy for originalists to reject challenges to court-packing; but the non-originalist arguments should be spelled out... [Read More]
It is easy for originalists to reject court-packing; but the non-originalist arguments should be spelled out... [Read More]
Meanwhile on CBS, B Positive offers laughs about...kidney transplants. [Read More]
Both candidates have serious flaws. But a Trump victory would be a much greater evil than the alternative. [Read More]
California's COVID-19 business closures have turned Ghost Golf into a shadow of its former self. Its owner is now suing the governor for the right... [Read More]
Food industry workers and wonks make their case for agricultural and food industry reforms. [Read More]
The Libertarian Party has been pursuing a heavier-than-average ground game in races with just one major-party opponent and a small number of voters needed to... [Read More]
Lawmakers introduced hundreds of policing bills in the wake of the killing of George Floyd. A few dozen passed. [Read More]
The Chief Justices's calculations are not so obvious. [Read More]
From Judge William Orrick's opinion yesterday in Rock the Vote v. Trump (N.D. Cal.): Executive Order No. 13,925 … announces... [Read More]
Scholars will simply stop citing (slavery) case. That outcome is a feature, not a bug, of an apparent Bluebook change. How else will citations be... [Read More]
Meanwhile on CBS, B Positive offers laughs about … kidney transplants. [Read More]
Although the Halloween scare stories continue, journalists are starting to recognize the lack of evidence to support this mythical menace. [Read More]
The Taiwanese manufacturer promised Trump and then–Governor Scott Walker 13,000 new jobs and a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. They've delivered a mostly empty building that's one-twentieth... [Read More]
Several unpublished decisions had already allowed this, but this one is binding precedent; it's TT v. KL, decided yesterday (written by... [Read More]
Yet the Libertarian presidential nominee is still not being polled in one-third of the country, including states that are historically friendly to third-party candidates. [Read More]
Donald Rainwater, who is polling north of 10 percent, attracts voters who oppose Indiana's heavy-handed coronavirus lockdowns. [Read More]
Judge Susan Brnovich said no reasonable person would question her impartiality just because her husband already says they're guilty. [Read More]
Occupational licensing rules are more often arbitrary bureaucratic hurdles than they are protections for health or safety. [Read More]
Plus: Biden should stop bragging about the Violence Against Women Act, Trump should stop bragging about tariffs, and more... [Read More]
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