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Oh, no, he didn't... [Read More]
Getting right to the point. [Read More]
"What is past is prologue"  — William Shakespeare, The Tempest The Barack Obama-Joe Biden Administration was exceedingly awful in ways too exceeding to innumerate.... [Read More]
As soon as Leftists believed that Joe Biden won the presidency, they tipped their hand, showing us their true nature. Cancel all conservatives! Prevent them... [Read More]
The talking points must have gone out... [Read More]
Joe Biden is the "projected" winner of the Presidential sweepstakes in 2020.  The senile, ex-Senator and Obama vice-president who could not form a coherent sentence... [Read More]
Our betters in the media are telling us that President Trump's refusal to concede defeat in the election against Joe Biden is a threat to... [Read More]
Nov. 20, 2020 Checking out at the grocery store recently, I saw People magazine's cover featuring Joe Biden and Kamala Harris with the headline "It's... [Read More]
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