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(RNS) — Since that searing summer day four years ago, Rabbi Rachel Schmelkin has devoted herself to better understanding what happened and working to make sure... [Read More]
This week's photo gallery includes preparations for Christmas and Hanukkah, major trial verdicts in the United States and more. [Read More]
Officials at Catholic University of America promptly replaced the image with a smaller copy. [Read More]
(RNS) — The feast of Jesus' birth began by co-opting a pagan holiday. Today, it has been co-opted by pagan capitalism. [Read More]
VATICAN CITY (RNS) — As French Catholics come to terms with a staggering clergy abuse report, President Emmanuel Macron met with Pope Francis at the Vatican. [Read More]
(RNS) — Omar Mouallem's new book looks at 13 mosques across North and South America and how Muslims developed their identity on the continents. [Read More]
This year, invite your guests to share the stories of their diverse faiths. [Read More]
Greg McMichael, son Travis McMichael and neighbor William "Roddie" Bryan were all convicted of murder after jurors deliberated for about 10 hours. [Read More]
The Rev. Steven Charleston talked to Religion News Service about his new book, 'Ladder to the Light,' and what Native America has to teach others... [Read More]
'The stories of the Maccabees are coming to life before our eyes,' said one member of the group that excavated the site. [Read More]
(RNS) — Burnett Robinson will no longer be allowed to serve as pastor in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. [Read More]
(RNS) — This time, national and local faith leaders have organized largely peaceful protests. [Read More]
Actually, the Jewish connection is much cooler than we had thought. [Read More]
We can't always immediately see the possibilities for growth that come out of a negative situation. [Read More]
Clergy were among the plaintiffs who brought the case against the white supremacists. [Read More]
(RNS) — But at least one prominent Trump evangelical adviser did not sign on to the effort, suggesting division on the issue. [Read More]
As the Christian narrative enters our lives again, let's reflect on not just why we give gifts but how we purchase them. [Read More]
(RNS) — Mormons are still more religious than the nation as a whole, but not as devout as they used to be. [Read More]
The new documentary spotlights the practice of drama therapy, which uses role-playing to work through past trauma. ... [Read More]
(RNS) — The vast majority of U.S. adults ascribe suffering at least partly to random chance, a new Pew Research survey found. [Read More]
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