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Hi everyone, I was perusing Royals current 60% sale and I just cant figure out how they are doing their math. I have some FCC... [Read More]
Been a while since I was thinking along these lines but was wondering of RCL had a Catalog of excursions at the different ports? It... [Read More]
First time going on a cruise. Can you pay over time for "packages" ie. drinks, dining over time like the cruise price or do you... [Read More]
This is our third time booking an Iceland cruise on Jewel...so hoping third times a charm! Bucket list cruise we are so excited to experience... [Read More]
Best time to dine at Chops? [Read More]
I'm booked with my 10 year old son. My spouse can't make this one. Who else is on this sailing? [Read More]
I know we are able to recieve the loyalty benefits we have earned with RC when sailing with Celebrity, how exactly do we register this... [Read More]
Looking for any help we can get on a FCC Discrepancy. Who do we escalate FCC issues to?? We have had 4 cruises cancelled. FCCs... [Read More]
For those of you who have visited Bahamas already do you know the cost of this Visa? Is this something Royal was toying with giving... [Read More]
Hoping to get our Aug 2021 cruise in on Symphony. Looking for feedback on Paradise Cove. Worth it?....Kids want to do zip line as well.... [Read More]
Does Unlimited dining package cover all snacks offered in restaurants like pubs and Vintages as well? [Read More]
Hoping to get this nice 3 day jaunt in!! [Read More]
Quick little 5 nights sailing, sea days and private islands only. I like that itinerary, so heres hoping for great weather. This was to finish... [Read More]
two rumors going around Israel.first that crew are not vaccinated and will they be. Second more disturbing,that Rc has cancelled and are leaving for Florida... [Read More]
What is this new area behind the helipad on Odyssey? It looks like there are some daybeds there and also some stairs that lead up... [Read More]
I just saw this on Facebook. Anyone know what the updates are? I dont want to get my hopes up. [Read More]
Unfortunately, the first major cruise ship to be based out of Israel will not happen.... [Read More]
The cruise industry is asking cruise fans once again to voice their support for the industry.... [Read More]
So, I've been anxiously waiting for this one year countdown to begin! We were supposed to be cruising star class last year, but then this... [Read More]
Apparently, mask mandate still remains in full force for all types of travel.... [Read More]
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