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MASSIVE LAND ATTACK Allies launch all-out invasion MICHAEL BAYLEY says war will end decisively WAR IN THE CARIBBEAN MIAMI -- President of Royal Caribbean Michael... [Read More]
I have been checking out the CP everyday for our two upcoming sailings. For several weeks, a few offerings would populate, but as of the... [Read More]
Hi everyone I was scheduled to go on Ovation of the Seas September this year to celebrate my big 40th! I was sooo looking forward... [Read More]
Hello all, after many years of booking cruises myself, I am FINALLY looking into someone else do everything instead of me 😆 I wanted to... [Read More]
We were refunded all of our cruise funds except the $500 gift certificate we used to book does anyone know how this is refunded? We... [Read More]
Did anybody try this in Coco cay. I am looking for next may and price is $1,399 . Do you think it is wort the... [Read More]
Article from today's WaPo discussing the realities we need to face around the likelihood this virus is NEVER "going away". https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2020/05/27/coronavirus-endemic/?utm_campaign=wp_post_most&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&wpisrc=nl_most The article ... [Read More]
After being run around for months. I thought it was all ok the other night as we reached agreements, refunds and FCCs were made then... [Read More]
Hello all, We (hopefully) will be sailing this November aboard the Oasis and one of our stops will be in Cozumel. 2 excursions I am... [Read More]
Hello! We are hoping our Oct. 4 cruise to Cococay will still happen. Anyone know what the capacity for the Coco Beach Club is? It... [Read More]
is there any shade cover the where we could sit for free? Thanks Kev & Alison... [Read More]
My husband and I are going on our first cruise April 2021. We are trying to figure out how whether or not to take our... [Read More]
Hello! Taking my Mom on her first cruise in April 2021 (hopefully 🤞). She is an advid birder. Anyone know of a tour or nature... [Read More]
So LOS is supposed to go in for a dry dock in January. Nothing has been said about what there plans are for her. With... [Read More]
I received my FCC for my canceled cruise in June. I am looking to book another for April, but keep seeing conflicting about the deposit.... [Read More]
I know it will probably be delayed but wish there were some deck plans for Wonder. When do people think they will be released? a... [Read More]
Are you thinking of going on a Royal Caribbean cruise solo? It is not as crazy as it may sound, and a lot of people... [Read More]
If you are trying to decide if buying an unlimited alcohol package right for you, then you are not alone in debating this quandary.... [Read More]
In lieu of taking a selfie while having a great time at Perfect Day at CocoCay, Royal Caribbean is offering the opportunity to take your... [Read More]
When Royal Caribbean starts sailing again, the cruise line expects new policy changes to evolve and change over time.... [Read More]
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