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The smartest guy Joe Biden knows, Hunter Biden, acted as a middleman between Ukrainian energy giant Burisma and two Democratic lobbyists currently under investigation for failing to disclose... [Read More]
The way that people view the world is greatly shaped by the "news" that they see on television and read on the Internet.  Unfortunately, much... [Read More]
The ruling class in Pakistan has taken extreme measures to convince people to take the experimental gene therapy shot. The masters will block the SIM... [Read More]
The mainstream media and medical tyrants in the ruling class are actively ramping up the fear of the "delta variant" which originally came from India.... [Read More]
The ruling class still hasn't convinced enough people to roll up their sleeves and willingly take this experimental gene therapy shot. So they will continue... [Read More]
The self-styled investigative journalism outlet ProPublica recently published private IRS tax information—presumably embarrassing private tax information—for a host of ultra-wealthy and famous Americans. I say... [Read More]
The "Delta variant" of the COVID-19 scamdemic is the new official fear topic for the ruling class and their propaganda outlets, the mainstream media. While... [Read More]
The ruling class in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong is carrying out mass testing and has locked down entire areas of the province to... [Read More]
In my entire lifetime, this is the worst that drought conditions have ever been in the western half of the country.  During the past 20... [Read More]
There was a moment of sheer hilarity earlier today when, during a Congressional Hearing, the CEO of Colonial Pipeline Joseph Blount took the merely farcical... [Read More]
Fastly, the cloud computing services provider behind the global internet outage experienced by a number of major websites on Tuesday. The ruling class is blaming... [Read More]
Thursday's solar eclipse has prompted the rulers in Germany to "prepare" their power grids in case there is a plunge in output. The solar eclipse... [Read More]
We are living in the land of fake believe. Nothing is as it seems in this virtual world invented and monopolized by deceivers. A world... [Read More]
Head medical tyrant Dr. Anthony Fauci continues to push the experimental gene therapy shots every chance he gets. Now he says we all need to... [Read More]
In the world of hobbies and sports, there are low-key activities like golfing and fishing and much more extreme sports with high levels of risk... [Read More]
In the southern part of Africa is a country named Botswana, a massive area of which about 70% is made up of the Kalahari Desert.... [Read More]
China has become the first country to offer experimental gene therapy shots to children as young as three years old. Most people know these shots... [Read More]
The Israeli Defense Chief warned Hezbollah that the previous strikes on Gaza were "only the tip of the iceberg." Could we see the advancement of... [Read More]
"The work that had been done over the years on formulations, RNA modifications, and other techniques was paying off just in time for the current pandemic. mRNA... [Read More]
Not enough people are willing to submit to the experimental gene therapy the ruling class continues to try to push on us all. So states... [Read More]
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