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"It's actually AOC plus 115." [Read More]
Trump debunks himself... [Read More]
North Carolina Republican Madison Cawthorn has been "claiming to represent a new generation of Republicans" [Read More]
This article was co-produced with Press Watch, a new website that monitors and critiques American political coverage. Please consider supporting Press Watch by making a... [Read More]
Two supposedly "average" voters in a Times story turn out to be hardcore Republicans. And it's happened before... [Read More]
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Uber drivers in California have seen their app plastered with propaganda begging them to vote yes on a proposition that will deny them benefits, health... [Read More]
Salon talks to star Anya Taylor-Joy and EP William Horberg about Netflix's new limited series about a chess prodigy... [Read More]
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The information contained within President Donald Trump's continues to result in blockbuster stories... [Read More]
In the sequel, Sacha Baron Cohen introduces Borat's daughter, who is as good at exposing fools as her father... [Read More]
Former White House adviser Omarosa Manigault-Newman was offered $15,000 when she left the administration... [Read More]
Uber drivers in California see their app plastered with propaganda begging them to vote yes on a proposition that will deny them benefits... [Read More]
"I think quaalude Trump is better than crystal meth Trump" [Read More]
Collins said she was "truly grateful" to receive an endorsement from a Christian group that opposes abortion... [Read More]
Springsteen's new album, recorded in his New Jersey home studio, brings the E Street Band live energy to our homes... [Read More]
A calmer tone only exposed Trump's lack of basic empathy about the pandemic, family separation or anything else... [Read More]
"The act of photographing or recording a voter casting a ballot could be voter intimidation — which is illegal" [Read More]
Democrats still have a huge cash advantage with the election only 11 days to go... [Read More]
"That was, like, an improvement, I think" [Read More]
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