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"With the U.S. economy sinking into recession, a more generous supplement acts as a powerful stimulus." [Read More]
What was most revealing about the exchange is how uninterested Trump actually seemed in the life and death stakes... [Read More]
Florida's Republican Governor Ron DeSantis confirms the state's unemployment system was broken by design... [Read More]
Trump claims he is lowering drug prices, but execs say it's just a "convenient subject matter" ahead of election. [Read More]
"It makes for my personal job . . . a lot harder now, thinking that I can't even count on this source of income" [Read More]
The highest percentage of children who tested positive at a sleepaway camp in Georgia were also the youngest... [Read More]
After I wrote about her death in my memoir, I received an intriguing message about my mother... [Read More]
The comedian takes on everything from the perils of air travel to her disdain for trans-exclusionary feminists... [Read More]
The Patel campaign did not concede defeat in the contentious case, citing a pending court case about tossed ballots... [Read More]
"You deserve someone to show you mercy. How different I would be if someone had," says Sarah Paulson... [Read More]
This article originally appeared on Raw Story... [Read More]
Trump suggests South Korea is publishing fake death numbers in an effort to make its pandemic response look better... [Read More]
The fact-checkers also need a fact-check: They claim Tucker Carlson owns a stake in the Caller; he sold it in 2019... [Read More]
"Mr. DeJoy does not want to work with us or understand the lifeline that a post office is all across America" [Read More]
Rooting for a massive jerk to stick it to the liberals is super fun — until he's lying about Americans dying... [Read More]
Nearly 40% of the country has not been counted, and advocates fear a "massive undercount" of minority populations... [Read More]
Carlson, who once called white supremacy a "hoax," says Black frontrunners should be "disqualified without debate" [Read More]
The Federalist has turned into one of President Trump's most reliable backers... [Read More]
Trump's friendship with Epstein has come under scrutiny since the billionaire was hit with sex trafficking charges... [Read More]
We as a nation need to remind ourselves of what morality, justice, and the responsible use of power can mean... [Read More]
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