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In an increasingly competitive world, eateries have been turning to professional, but false photos for social media... [Read More]
Adapted from "MOVING FORWARD: A Story of Hope, Hard Work, and the Promise of America" by Karine Jean-Pierre (Hanover Square Press, 2019). [Read More]
Nebraska Democrat Jane Kleeb on how Democrats can still win rural votes — and how to address guns and abortion... [Read More]
I worked for both John Edwards and Anthony Weiner. This is what it feels like when your candidate is doomed... [Read More]
The first thing I did when I returned home to L.A. was to thank my parents for immigrating to the U.S. [Read More]
Trump is technically at least part Wasp, but he's clearly deficient in several crucial areas of our shared culture... [Read More]
American history should teach us to be optimistic even in dark times. In my 90 years, I've seen it happen myself... [Read More]
How quickly it cooks in your Instant Pot is also pretty sweet! [Read More]
"The burden of proof is on the Chinese Communist Party," the Republican senator tells Fox News... [Read More]
This article originally appeared on Raw Story... [Read More]
"Each of us strongly condemns [Trump's and Barr's] interference in the fair administration of justice" [Read More]
This article originally appeared on Raw Story... [Read More]
This article originally appeared on Raw Story... [Read More]
"The president recognizes, as many people do, it feels like there's a two-tiered criminal justice system" [Read More]
This article originally appeared at FAIR.org. Used by permission. [Read More]
In this global cocktail competition, bartenders are judged on their original creations — and their stories... [Read More]
As reusable bottles become ubiquitous, more people are feeling "water bottle attachment syndrome" [Read More]
The new History Channel miniseries is an engaging and informative look at George Washington's life and legacy... [Read More]
Take it from me: small businesses would be helped by federal regulation that would ensure employees get paid leave... [Read More]
Psychoanalyst and author on Trump's "God complex" and our dangerous collective addiction to his unhinged behavior... [Read More]
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