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Big-eyed birds live in darker environments—and are most at risk from deforestation... [Read More]
For Akiko Iwasaki, the pandemic has brought new research priorities—and new urgency... [Read More]
Unfortunately, we're getting a dose these days of "That's why you run clinical trials". Word came Monday evening (Peter Loftus in the WSJ, and a... [Read More]
Pet cemeteries track rising status of our animal companions... [Read More]
In our current virtual-everything world, our Experimental Error columnist finds himself surprisingly nostalgic for—of all things—grad school... [Read More]
Two new studies suggest a variety of hiding places... [Read More]
Projects seek to understand, and block, spread of disinformation... [Read More]
Judges will favor solo or socially distanced dancing... [Read More]
SCI COMMUN### Climate science Dust storms on the U.S. Great Plains have become more common over the past 20 years, and a... [Read More]
Some committee members warn against emergency use of candidates not definitively proven safe or effective... [Read More]
I was speaking to a university audience the other day (over Zoom, of course) and as I often do I mentioned the studies that have... [Read More]
OK, we have some more to think about this morning. The large SOLIDARITY trial from the WHO has reported more interim data on its investigation... [Read More]
The secret may lie in a newly discovered brain structure... [Read More]
It was supposed to become Ecuador's dream research university—an international hub for science and higher education, nestled in a new campus in the mountains 2... [Read More]
The family of seven known human coronaviruses are known for their impact on the respiratory tract, not the heart. However, the most recent coronavirus, severe... [Read More]
The intestine is exposed to numerous hazards and is heavily colonized by microorganisms. This requires a balanced protective system, which includes secreted mucus layers that... [Read More]
This issue of Science includes the program of the 2021 AAAS Annual Meeting. The 2021 AAAS Annual Meeting will convene entirely online February 8-11. The... [Read More]
The agency's missteps were multiplied by political interference. With stumbles such as flawed COVID-19 tests in February and confusing guidance on aerosol transmission of... [Read More]
Narwhals are one of three highly specialized whale species that are endemic to the Arctic ([ 1 ][1]). The global narwhal population may number more... [Read More]
Joseph ("Joe") H. Connell, a hugely creative ecologist, died on 1 September at the age of 96. Joe had a knack for devising simple yet... [Read More]
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