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The album trades overstimulating spectacle for low-key introspection, but it's therapeutic as a cup of tea. [Read More]
Essential Fellini is one of the most elegantly designed and supplement-packed sets that Criterion has ever released. [Read More]
The game is fairly dedicated to correcting many of the worst creative decisions made across the lifespan of the Assassin's Creed series. [Read More]
The film is affectingly poignant in its frequently uncomfortable presentation of MacGowan's physical ruination. [Read More]
Alan Ball quickly loses sight of the sense of power that fuels the film's early moments when his characters basically just gaze at each other. [Read More]
The film is brightly colored, inventively designed, and constantly flirting with the outright psychedelic. [Read More]
One of the tensions driving the film is a question of its subject's self-awareness. [Read More]
Return to the stunning locations and epic adventures in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. [Read More]
The first international edition of the Noir City film festival in six years showcases the diversity and malleability of noir. [Read More]
This undervalued film receives a beautiful transfer for its Blu-ray debut, but the dearth of extras leaves much to be desired. [Read More]
The film doesn't offer the most incisive social commentary, but as a document of our contemporary political moment, its force is undeniable. [Read More]
The album is a heavy-hitting rejoinder that rearticulates the headlines of a year fraught by global and personal trauma. [Read More]
Criterion's exacting presentation of Scorsese's late-inning masterpiece is a testament to the enduring value of physical media. [Read More]
Kino outfits the despairing, pioneering film with a beautiful transfer and one of the best audio commentaries of the year. [Read More]
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan face off against each other in the epic fantasy-adventure Iron Mask. [Read More]
On October 11, 1975, Saturday Night Live, a topical comedy sketch show, made its debut on NBC. [Read More]
The Pathless ultimately buries anything it might have to say in a stupefying level of cliché. [Read More]
Boseman meticulously charts the breakdown of a man discovering that pursuit and escape are inextricably intertwined. [Read More]
The film translates the often difficult realities of a specific kind of marginalized love into a story with broad appeal. [Read More]
With his first solo feature, Joshua Bonnetta is again contemplating death and the traces it leaves behind. [Read More]
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