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No crisis is a good thing. But how leaders and organizations react matters. Innovation and ideas can be birthed from crisis and chaos. [Read More]
When you don't know the ins and out about a business the first thing is to find a group or a mentor who's proven to... [Read More]
I always say 'Don't make plans, make options.' – Jennifer Aniston, actor... [Read More]
"What we're trying to do is be a company that's not only good for your body, but also be good for your mind." – Paul... [Read More]
There has been a lot of media focus on the potential for weight gain during the COVID-19 pandemic. This message has been directed towards children... [Read More]
One of the lessons I've learned is always to remain self-effacing and imbue that into your marketing. – Ryan Reynolds, as quoted by Adweek... [Read More]
Leaders are right to want to be positive, but slow down and make sure you are making it acceptable for people to miss what they've... [Read More]
It's so important to acknowledge that right now is not fine, it's not normal. We need to motivate and inspire each other and it's not... [Read More]
A beat is a moment in the life a groove. – Wynton Marsalis, jazz musician, composer... [Read More]
SmartBrief's food and beverage readers focused on stories about PepsiCo, restaurant closures and new grocer Jet Foods. [Read More]
Don't settle for style. Succeed in substance. – Wynton Marsalis, jazz musician, composer... [Read More]
When you find creative ways to incorporate video, GIFs and animation into your content, your audience's attention will follow. – Consultant Serenity Gibbons, writing for... [Read More]
Contrary to popular belief, most foods -- both animal- and plant-based ones -- contain all nine essential amino acids. The difference lies in the amounts... [Read More]
People are coming to social platforms, in many cases, as a means of escape, or relief. – Andrew Hutchinson, writing for Social Media Today... [Read More]
People expect companies to take a stand. But it has to be authentic. Then your voice comes out clear and that's when it makes a... [Read More]
The shoe company Vans shows the power of treating customers and employees as partners in good times and bad. [Read More]
A conversation with health insurance industry execs... [Read More]
Life is a train, get on board. – Khaled Hosseini, writer... [Read More]
Three ways we can lean towards strong decision-making, even when intuition can't be counted on. [Read More]
To overcome their own math anxiety, teachers don't need to become math whizzes; they simply need to create an environment where mistakes are okay. [Read More]
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