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Even without Twitter, presidents can tangle foreign relations on a whim. [Read More]
The videos are oddly satisfying to watch. [Read More]
A video of an 2018 aerial stunt went viral again in 2021. [Read More]
A quote starting "and the question is whether or not we should be in a position" went viral in July 2021. [Read More]
The so-called "demon fish" have a mouthful of molars and two incisors. [Read More]
The first torch relay took place during the 1936 Berlin Olympics. [Read More]
A customized Glock19, dubbed the "Block19," was briefly available for purchase in the summer of 2021. [Read More]
We called the phone number supposedly linked to Cannon, a father of seven. [Read More]
The name change comes after years of advocacy by indigenous organizations. [Read More]
Some social media commenters asserted the joke was a well-known one at UNT. [Read More]
Allegations were said to have come from a "government insider." [Read More]
At 7 years old, Phantom has achieved TikTok star status. [Read More]
Reader beware. [Read More]
Birds of a feather poop together. [Read More]
A vaccine adverse reaction tracking tool was misleadingly interpreted by junk news sites. [Read More]
Federal agencies announced two major product recalls in July 2021, amid outbreaks of listeria and Salmonella in several states. [Read More]
A 1923 article said that Frank Hayes was the "victim of his almost fanatic enthusiasm and worship of horsemanship." [Read More]
The company's announcement, in July 2021, was posted online by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. [Read More]
In the 1998 film "The Parent Trap," Lindsay Lohan portrayed two identical twin girls who were born on October 11. But that's not all. [Read More]
O'Reilly accused his former producer, Andrea Mackris, of violating a non-disclosure agreement by talking about her experiences with him nearly two decades ago. [Read More]
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