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Buzbee on Goodell: "He is nothing more than a paper tiger." [Read More]
The 49ers trading Jimmy Garoppolo to the Browns is now a possibility following Deshaun Watson's 11 game suspension. [Read More]
Optics are very important to the NFL, and whether the punishment for the Browns quarterback is enough is up to you. [Read More]
The Browns' quarterback was suspended 11 games and given a $5 million fine. [Read More]
The team has forfeited its right to take moral stands down the road, and shouldn't count on its QB conducting himself with basic human decency. [Read More]
Empty statements from the Browns and their quarterback are an insulting conclusion to the NFL's disciplinary process. [Read More]
The Browns quarterback discussed his 11-game suspension moments after Thursday's settlement by the NFL and NFLPA. [Read More]
The NFL and NFLPA reached a settlement agreement for the quarterback to be suspended for 11 games and pay a $5 million fine. [Read More]
Cleveland quarterback Deshaun Watson will be able to return the field, as long as he completes one thing. [Read More]
With Cleveland QB Deshaun Watson officially receiving an 11-game suspension, it appears that the controversial quarterback will be available when the Saints and Browns play... [Read More]
The quarterback will be suspended for the first 11 games of the 2022 season. [Read More]
The NFL and NFLPA finalized an agreement to suspend Watson for 11 games and deal him a $5 million fine. [Read More]
The Browns quarterback issued a broad apology after his 11-game suspension was reported. [Read More]
The NFL and NFLPA have finalized a settlement agreement, which includes a $5 million fine for the quarterback. [Read More]
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The Browns will officially be without Deshaun Watson in Week 1. [Read More]
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The Cleveland Browns QB avoids a full-year suspension. [Read More]
The Deshaun Watson case has finally been revolved as the NFL and NFLPA have agreed to a settlement, establishing the punishment and suspension for the... [Read More]
Watson will miss the majority of the 2022 season... [Read More]
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