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THE QUEEN is not someone to make a fuss nor does she revel in her own achievements, extraordinary as they may be. And the Queen... [Read More]
THE QUEEN has been hugely popular around the globe throughout her 67-year reign. But what impressive accomplishment has she got her eyes on? [Read More]
QUEEN ELIZABETH II has travelled the world extensively during her reign, going on various state visits since taking the throne in 1952. [Read More]
Prince Philip was disappointed when Queen Elizabeth II was crowned the new monarch. [Read More]
Queen Elizabeth's death is rumored to be looming. [Read More]
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry declined an offer from Queen Elizabeth II, but they ended up demanding for it. [Read More]
Gayle King also said the story that Queen Elizabeth was blindsided by Prince Harry's decision was untrue, given the Queen's own statement. [Read More]
Queen Elizabeth has added a new title and role for her grandson Prince William... [Read More]
ANTIQUES ROADSHOW has a long standing tradition of revealing the true worth of items found in lofts or handed down without the owner knowing just... [Read More]
Queen Elizabeth appointed her eldest grandson to a new royal position just one week after officially announcing the terms of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's... [Read More]
QUEEN ELIZABETH II mocked Margaret Thatcher's accent and tried to undermine her with "petty class put-downs", unearthed reports reveal. [Read More]
Prince Laurent, 56, who is the younger brother of King Philippe, and is related to Queen Elizabeth, said the treatment of the Duke and Duchess... [Read More]
His wife, a hero of sorts only in the TV series "Suits," had hightailed it to Canada, leaving Harry Windsor, formerly known as Prince Harry,... [Read More]
Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, has a new title. Queen Elizabeth II appointed the prince as Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of... [Read More]
QUEEN ELIZABETH is the UK's best-travelled monarch and the royal has been all over the world both on business and pleasure. Unsurprisingly, the Queen has... [Read More]
Harry Richford died at the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital in Margate in November 2017 where at least seven preventable baby deaths may have... [Read More]
Queen Elizabeth II recently appointed Prince William a new royal position one week after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lost their HRH titles. [Read More]
Queen Elizabeth II appointed the Duke of Cambridge as the new Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. [Read More]
In his new role, the duke will act on the queen's behalf in Scotland. [Read More]
Do we think this is shade or...? [Read More]
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