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It did not take Ken Niumatalolo long to get back into Division I football. Just 3 1/2 months after being fired as Navy football coach,... [Read More]
Sometimes, reading aloud is all it takes to bring families closer, even when military service members are miles from their loved ones. United Through Reading's... [Read More]
Those affected by the breach visited the White House on Dec. 14, 2020. The logs - without redactions of Social Security numbers and other personal... [Read More]
In the wake of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, William Gosch enlisted in the Marine Corps in December 1942 and was soon stationed in... [Read More]
If you have sampled the traditional sweets of Japan, you might have been surprised how different the tastes – and ingredients that include sweet potatoes,... [Read More]
Kadu is meant to be eaten at home with the family...that's tradition. It's CHamoru comfort food made accessible and done right. [Read More]
Sixteen Alaska National Guard members have finally been honored for helping rescue 11 crewmembers of a Navy plane that was shot down in 1955 by... [Read More]
Eltville, Germany, Feb. 16, 2008: Dressed in traditional Sorbian clothes, Dorothea Scholze uses wax to decorate an Easter egg with traditional Sorbian patterns. [Read More]
A judge undercut key arguments in Fox News's defense against a $1.6 billion defamation suit Friday, ruling the network cannot dispute that it aired false,... [Read More]
The first-ever indictment of a former president — who is also a 2024 White House hopeful — brings unusual security challenges to the courthouse complex... [Read More]
What has six legs, gnarly claws, climbs trees and can grow to the size of a small dog? Oh! It's tasty, too. [Read More]
When my sister and I were old enough to start going on daytrips on our own, we enjoyed going on low-budget adventures. [Read More]
Japanese food is a favorite for people around the world, and many visitors to Japan look forward to trying out popular fare like yakiniku, takoyaki,... [Read More]
Army investigators are sifting through the wreckage of two Black Hawk helicopters that crashed during a nighttime training mission this week in Kentucky and killed... [Read More]
At Nossi College of Art and Design, Audrey Hale appeared to be a hard-working and talented student, who sometimes ate lunch alone in a storage... [Read More]
"I Don't Know A Thing About Love" doubles as Nelson's 73rd studio album. Its 10 songs aren't as much re-imagined as they are re-invigorated. If... [Read More]
The influential private Christian university will be led by Dondi E. Costin, president of Charleston Southern University and a retired Air Force major general. [Read More]
In testimony as part of a lawsuit against the Air Force for failing to report Devin Patrick Kelley's criminal history to the FBI, John Holcombe... [Read More]
freedom, democracy, human rights and rule of law - are in peril in the face of increasing authoritarianism, the democratic island's president, Tsai Ing-wen, said... [Read More]
A man accused of slashing a 63-year-old man's throat in a motel room amid a psychiatric episode that the older man feared would lead to... [Read More]
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